Monday, March 29, 2021

Lots of Finishes!

Happy Monday!
I did some finishing for Kimberly at The Fat Quarter shop  and just look at them! 

First up  Be My Valentine ..  
I used Chelsea's Checks .. Priscillas Pretty Plaids and the finishing piece is from Hobby Lobby  1961275

Our Valentine ornaments.. Rose Delivery .. Jar of  Roses.. Valentine bakery  I finished these ornaments  the same way as our ornament tutorial below  felt roses were in the Valentine section at Hobby Lobby 

next up.. 
February Truckin Along  
I used Priscilla's Pretty Plaids .. and this piece from Hobby Lobby .. Easter section 5263512

Stitches From The Heart .. Free chart from Fat Quarter Shop .. I used Chelsea's Checks and this Pedestal .. Hobby Lobby Spring shop 54857198
I finished the Spring stitch Quarterly also .. I used this round wood piece from Hobby Lobby 1957422
I used 2 different colors of Lori Holt vintage trim .. The floral ribbon was from Hobby Lobby .. aqua ribbon Michael's Spring ribbons 

The summer Stitch Quarterly is finished on this sign from Hobby Lobby Spring shop 5834916 If you are planning ahead! 

I use sticky board for all my finishing you can find it here 

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Shami Immanuel said...

Love all your finishes. I am always attracted towards the stitching on black.