Monday, July 29, 2013

Chelsea's Chairs

Good Monday morning ! Hope you had a great weekend ! My daughter is buying her first house, she closes this Wednesday ! She is very excited.. We have been going to church rummage sales , estate sales and thrift shops, buying things to fix up for her new home.. We got 4 of these pretty chairs at a church rummage sale for $15.00 each.. they are sturdy chairs from a bank in town ( they had a sticker with the banks name on them)
She is going with a beachy color scheme in the kitchen ,family room ,dining room areas.. so she painted them this pretty green color. She used Behr paint and primer mixed with plaster of paris and water to make chalk paint..It took 2 coats but they look amazing !


You can see the ugly fabric that used to cover the seats in this photo.. She used a soft paisley print that has a couple colors of aqua, light greens and tan..The fabric came from Joann Fabrics. For the chairs , the paint and the fabric it was under $90.00 ..

This is the table that she will use with the chairs. We got this oak table at a different church rummage sale and painted it off white.. I will show more photos of her dining are when she gets settled in. There is some work to be done in her new house.. she's putting wood floors in , and she needs a new sliding glass door and of course painting the walls and trim.
I am working on the August Country Cottage Needleworks cottage .. Love how it looks on the evenweave fabric .. so glad I took the plunge !

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Chevron Blanket is Finished

 It is finished ! (and all I can think about is what am I going to make next )!  :)
 I just did a row of single crochet around it for a border. I only did the roses on one end , because they are kind of heavy and were a pain to sew on ! If you want the pattern for the roses or the ripple ,you can go back a few posts and I linked both of the patterns.

I also finished this patriotic stitching last night .. I am hoping to do all the months and have one frame that I change them out of. Its not on Aida cloth , so I am getting better :)

 I planted lots of zinnia seeds in different parts of the garden and flower beds so that I could pick them to have bouquets all over the house. So far I just want to leave them out in the yard ! The ones above are little mini zinnias cute !
 These are kind of ruffled petals..
 and these are spotted ..
 These in the back of the potato patch are big flowers , tall ones too.
My tomatoes are growing haphazardly everywhere .. I use tomato cages but the cages would have to be twice as tall as they are to contain them. I need to think of something different for next year, suggestions would be great !. There is a sunflower plant right in the middle of the tomatoes, ( planted by a bird or chipmunk) I am leaving it until it is finished flowering !
Yesterdays garden goodies... love the raspberries ! This is the view out of my kitchen window yesterday .. Love this time of year ! Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments !
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Football Blanket and Hat

 It's Monday ! Hope you all had wonderful weekends!
My latest project is this football blanket and hat for a baby gift .. I think it turned out so cute !
 I found a pattern online for the football applique on the blanket  here it is ..
 For the hat I combined a couple patterns , I really like how it turned out. I will be writing down the hat pattern and posting it later this week.
 We taught the little grandson how to smell the flowers yesterday .. He is just too cute !
 I have some sunflowers growing by the birdfeeder and they are just gorgeous right now !
I have been picking Zucchini and tomatoes everyday , also red raspberries ..This guy eats as many raspberries as he can get his hands on ! He loves them..

Love the sunflowers , I think next year I need to plant some myself !
The blackberries are starting to ripen ..Lots of garden work to do this week , it is supposed to start being cooler tomorrow !
 Hope you have a great day ! Thanks so much for stopping by and your nice comments !
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the Garden and Santa Time !

Good Morning ! I thought I would show you how my garden is growing for the middle of July . Since we live on a corner this is our back yard ! Not too much of it ! We do have big side yards and a big front yard. We previously had shrubs lining the sidewalk , but about 3 years ago I ripped them all out and planted perennials. There is always something blooming and it looks so pretty !
 This is on my hydrangea in the sidewalk garden , theres only one flower but it is so pretty !
 The potatoes after about 10 days are growing pretty good ! I took the other potatoes out of the bigger pot and it was 4 pounds of potatoes.. So the smaller pot gave us more !
 These mallow plants grow back on their own, Last year when I ripped them all out at the end of the season I left them all in a pile here to get picked up so there are so many of them growing in this little area . They look like mini hollyhocks !
 The blackberries are starting to turn , we are going to have a ton ! I might have to open a farmstand to get rid of them all :)
 These are the garden potatoes, with a row of zinnias behind them. They look like they are doing well.. hope there's a lot of wonderful red potatoes under ground waiting for us !
 I also planted a row of zinnia seeds along the fence of the garden My zucchini are actually growing this year and we will be eating a couple today ! Not so sure if the green beans are going to make it , we had a lot of rain a few weeks ago and they got a greenish yellow color .. still have not turned bright green.

 This photo is from the end of the sidewalk to the end of our yard. Those are all the raspberry and blackberry bushes back there.
 We have been picking a few handfuls of these a day , they are so good.. I just need more plants ! They keep multiplying .. just not fast enough :)
 The blackberry plants are HUGE this year !
 I love our little patio area ...too bad the mosquitos are out in force !
 I have two little pots of the mini petunias in a vintage tool box on the patio table. they are getting so big.
July by the Prairie Schooler... I finished it last night ! Love it ! My first cross stitch not on Aida cloth !
 My daughter and I went  to an Estate sale last week. I got the big Santa for $8.00 , he has a price tag of $225.00 ..he is made from a vintage quilt .. He will fit right in at Christmas time around here ! I also got the 3 Possible Dreams Santas for 5- 7 dollars each. They will be perfect to add to my collection. I got those huge ornaments for $4.00 for the box of 4 .. I thought I got some really good deals !
Isn't he just fabulous !
My neighbor brought me over these fabulous hydrangeas ! They are humungous ! One of them is as big as a dinner plate !

I love this photo of the youngest grandson ! He loves playing with the hose so much !

Hope you are having a great week !
Thanks so much for your visits and nice comments !
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