Thursday, May 31, 2012

More garden ..

I got this pot at walmart..can't beleive how nice it is..usually our walmarts flowers are not good..

I have a couple of these baskets hanging on our these at walmart too !

This is a Datura plant my stepmother sent me from Florida..They are also called angel trumpet.. They will grow here but won't come back on their own , I will need to save some seeds. They get really huge down there so I hope mine gets big.

Most of the iris are finished blooming, I don't know what kind of flowers the little pink ones are . My daughter bought me 2 plants of them a couple years ago and they have spread like weeds. They are pretty , but don't stay blooming very long.

The beans are up ..and being eaten by something ! I keep googling to see what it could be. I did plant some marigolds yesterday in the garden to see if maybe that will help.. from my googling I think it might be slugs.. last year Japanese beetles, this year slugs ! Uggghh.

This is the strawberry patch , its not very big , but I have already picked almost 11 pounds of strawberries with more still coming !

These are the blackberries and they are so loaded with buds .. this started with 2 plants and have spread like weeds also ! I will have a freezer full of blackberries by the time they are finished !

These are Mallow plants.. they alos grow like weeds and reseed themselves. They will take over if you let them . These came up as a surprise ! They remind me of mini hollyhocks.

The potato patch has 2 kinds of potatoes planted.. yukon gold and red.. they are doing amazing .
On the flower blanket I am up to 78 squares.. I will take a picture when I get some more color added..its a little too pink right now !
Have a great day !
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial day

We had a wonderful Memorial day and hope you did too ! Used those home grown strawberries for the flag cake and for the watermelon fruit basket. Its the first time I tried making the watermelon basket and it was super easy and super cute !!!

My sons girlfriend brought over the mums cute !

My daughter and her baby nephew..
the youngest son , who graduates from 8th grade today with the 17 year old son behind him , acting goofy as always ! We cooked out, hamburgers and hot dogs..had lots of salads,,,potatato salad, broccoli bacon cheese salad, pasta salad,fruit salad..Veggie tray and buffalo wings for appetizers..  and of course the flag cake for dessert !
Picked 4 more pounds of strawberries this morning.. 10-3/4 pounds so far ..

Hung my patriotic decomesh wreath on the back fence , with some decomesh draped behind it. We couldn't put it on the front door because there are still birds living in the spring wreath. Hope you all had a great weekend !  Thanks for reading !

Sunday, May 27, 2012

67 flower squares

67 flower squares finished .. I am still adding different colors trying to use what I have.

I made 6 dishcloths today .. Needed a little break from the flowers .
We picked 4 pounds of strawberries from our little garden ! That's a lot of strawberries !
It's HOT here in the 90's!
Hope you all have a great Memorial Day !

this is the pattern I used for the dishcloths .

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flower blanket progress

Still loving this flower granny square .. Even though I ran out of the background aqua and couldn't find more ! I ended up at hobby lobby and bought a very similar color and I
will just make sure to mix up the first ones really well with the new color. It's not noticeable unless you are looking for the difference.

Here is the owl hat I crocheted on our grandson .. So adorable.
I picked 2 pounds of strawberries put of our garden and made angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream .. So good ! I will be picking more berries tomorrow !
Hope you all have a great Memorial day weekend !
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Graduation , strawberries and the flower blanket

Yesterday the 4th out of my 5 children graduated from high school..they had to have it indoors because of storms in the area. I did great through the ceremony until the end when they played the school song, so many memories of so many football and basketball games .. anyway I am still a mess !

So proud of all these kids , they all have excelled in life , and have given us so much entertainment , by watching all their sporting events . We have the youngest who starts high school this fall, and hopefully we will be watching college football  games with this boy kicking the ball ! 

This article was in the paper yesterday about our graduate..

I picked 3/4 of a pound of strawberries yesterday ,  They are so good ! Hope theres more today. This is really early for them to be ready , usually middle of June they start to ripen.
29 flower squares so far..still loving this pattern !

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flower blanket

Here is my start on the flower granny square blanket ..I am using a pale aqua for the background, black for the center of the flower and for the petals I am going to use whatever yarn I have so there will be alot of colors. Love the way it looks so far !Here is the blog where I saw the blanket and had to make one of my own !

So close to being finished with this Lizzie Kate..
Hope you all have a great weekend ! Creative Friday Button  Featured blog post today !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The garden is planted

I got my vegetable garden enlarged again! Its about 1/2 the size larger.. Hope all the vegetable plants do well and we don't have any of those nasty japanese beetles!

Blackberry and red  raspberry bushes.With tons of blossoms ..looks like it will be a good crop again this year . the bushes are getting so big.

There is a birds nest with eggs in the top loop of the wreath on the front door.. we have to be so careful going in and out. Hope they hatch quickly and grow up so I can put my summer wreath up ! :)

I planted some hollyhock roots in this garden around the mailbox last week , can't wait to get those growing ! I have always loved the hollyhocks but have never grown them .

These snapdragons have come back for about 4 years now. Seems strange for them to survive the winter, but they look great !

One of my planters on the front porch..
The vegetable garden, Up against the fence on the left are 2 kinds of potatoes, they are growing really well already ..on the right are strawberries and black raspberries..also some oregano.In the garden we have alot of tomatoes, cucumbers , beans, and zucchini..I still will plant some more beans and some peppers and maybe a couple eggplant plants.

This is the front yard,korean lilacs and sage are blooming, the hostas are all doing well..we just had some big evergreen bushes ripped out from in front of this bed , but we still don't know what kind of bushes we are going to plant in their place.
Thanks for coming by!

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