Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My first Craigslist shopping !

 Hello and thanks for stopping by ! I see all the time in blogland how people get great deals on Craigs list ,so last week I went looking and I think I found some great things !Since we widened the doorway into the kitchen ( from both the dining room and foyer ) our eat in kitchen part is smaller . We had a rectangle table with 6 chairs. I was looking on Craigs list for a round table with a leaf and 6 chairs , and I found this one ! I liked my chairs better so I kept them and just switched out the table. I thought I was going to have to get rid of my hutch so on Saturday I also bought a corner hutch. With the new small table I can keep my old hutch..( I need a new rug that doesn't hang over into the doorway ) I am thinking a round one ?
The table has the big pedestal base just like the one I love from pottery barn. I am going to paint the hutch and the table and chairs white. ( my husband is trying to get me to keep the top of the table wood) I like the whole thing white.. so we will see :) Below is the table I love from pottery barn. Looks the same except it is $800.00 !

 We decided to put the big curio cabinet back in the living room ( I still need to fill it) and put the couch up against the windows. This was how it was pre remodel. Seems more like home :) We still need a coffee table , more on the walls and a dining room set !
 This is our garage at the moment ..Furniture city ... Those are the chairs I got with the round table on top of our old kitchen table and the old  dining room table. we are going to try and sell the old dining set and kitchen set on Craigslist.
 This is the corner cabinet I bought and was going to paint white..It might still go into the kitchen if I decide to get rid of the bigger one , or maybe down the basement in my craft room.. I paid $ 80.00  so I think I got a great deal.
 Puffy flower balnket progress .. Ive been just using up one skein of yarn at a time for the flowers , thats why theres so many of certain colors and not enough of others.. I am working on the two darker aquas right now.

 More stocking progress this week,,, and for once no ripping out :)
These are the drapes we are going with for the living room. They have the grays from the carpet and walls and the burlap color from the couch and chair. I found them at Lowes ..Love them !

Thnaks for visiting and your nice comments ! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

House cookies and more remodeling :)

 Yesterdat was "new House" cookie making day here. My oldest son and daughter in law moved into their new home. I thought ( since my daughter in law loves sugar cookies )  it would be a fun idea.

 Our carpet was installed on Tuesday , we still need to hang pictures and get a coffee table , and we are buying a new dining room set .. We need drapes , etc. etc. Hopefully soon I can show you all the finished rooms . I love the gray walls and carpet!

 We had new trim put around the windows.. I think they turned out so nicely.
Thnaks for visiting and your nice comments ! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend !

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hershey bar cake

Hope you are in the mood for baking a cake :) Last night we had a big lasagna dinner, all the kids were here including the college boy.. My daughter made for dessert one of our family favorites, this candy bar cake. It is so good ! To make the cake you just need a box chocolate cake mix, we used devils food and bake it in 2 or 3 round cake pans. We used 2. Let the cake totally cool after baking , and make this frosting.
8 oz pkg cream cheese softened
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
10 (1.5 oz) candy bars
(we use Hershey chocolate bars)
12 oz container of cool whip  ,thawed
Beat cream cheese and both sugars until creamy with electric mixer. Chop 8 of the candy bars and add them and the cream cheese mixture to the cool whip . Use the frosting in the middle of the 2 or 3 layers and all over the sides and top. Chop the last 2 candy bars and add to the top. Make sure to store in the refrigerator.

In the remodel progress the crown molding and the baseboards got installed. They still have to put the trim on the windows . We have to putty all the nail holes and caulk , then paint all the trim. We did get a huge surprise last night though, when one of the carpentry guys asked why we have carpet covering our oak hardwood staircase .. We had no idea the stairs are oak under the carpet , and we planned on putting hardwood stairs in later this summer ! So hopefully soon we will get to rip the nasty carpet off the stairs !
Have a great weekend ! Thank you for stopping by and your nice comments !

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring ????

Spring has sprung on the front door , but past the door its a little snowy ! It has snowed so much in March , we even have another inch on the ground from last night ! It rained this weekend and melted alot of the snow but we still have ALOT ! I made this decomesh wreath last year .. its getting a little faded so I think this will be its last year of use :)  I added some spring green glittery bows to it this year..

This is what our yard still looks like .. Hope spring will be here soon !

 Onto the remodel progress....We painted the living room /dining room this weekend , We ended up changing the color of the walls and the carpet ! Its painted a pale gray ( gentle rain from Behr) , and the carpet is light grey with darker grey and brown mixed in. The carpet looks darker than this sample.

We are hoping the guy who is installing the baseboards and crown molding will be here today . The windows will also have white trim around them. Trim will then have to be painted , then the carpet gets installed .. Hope to finish in the next 2 weeks !
 In crafting progress, I finished another Prairie Schooler santa
 and made a little progress on the stocking. I just want to finish it ! I have also done some more squares for the puffy flowers blanket .. Still loving only using a few colors ..I will show my progress next time ..
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Puffy flowers blanket progress

 A little progress update on the puffy flower blanket , so far 39 squares finished .. I think I am going with 9 squares across and 12 or 13 lengthwise.. So I am about 1/3 of the way finished! When I put it together the colors will be more evenly balanced.. I just kind of tossed them around to get a picture. I do really like the colors though ! The pattern for these is really easy here is the pattern and the squares are pretty big!

 The drywall is all up ,hoping he comes today to finish ..Our drywall guy also snowplows and we got another storm yesterday of about 8 inches, so no work on the drywall yesterday.

 Hopefully we can start priming tomorrow !
I have worked alot on the stocking this week but ended up being a stitch off and having to rip out alot ! So frustrating.

Made this little tag with my cricut to go on the owl blanket and hat for a new baby ..
Our college boy will be coming home this weekend for a week, still mis him like crazy !
Hope you all have a great day ! Thank you for your visits and nice comments !
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