Friday, May 31, 2013

Giant Granny Square blanket Finish

 It's finished ! My summery giant granny square blanket is finished :)

 For the edging :I did a row of single crochet in each of the colors I used for the blanket , then for the white row.. I did sc,ch 3 sc in same stitch twice ..skip 2 stitches and repeat all the way around . For the corners I did sc chain3, sc chain5 , sc chain3
 All the yarn is Red Heart , except the watermelon color which I got at Michaels.

 In these 2 big pots we have planted potatoes .. They are growing so big ! Can't wait to see if we get alot of potatoes out of each pot. I saw online that they sell bags to grow potatoes in , so I figured why not plant them in pots !

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Trifle

 I just wanted to show you the dessert my daughter and I made yesterday for Memorial Day..we saw this idea here on Pinterest .

 This all started by running through our local mall on Sunday evening trying to find a trifle dish .. we finally found one with a few minutes to spare until all the stores closed :)
 We bought a frozen Sara Lee pound cake and cut it lengthwise into about 3/4 inch slices... Mixed up a batch of whipped cream with a little sugar.. cut the strawberries into thirds lengthwise , added the blueberries and a little sugar.
 We started the layers by adding whip cream , some of the pound cake scraps , berries then tried to place the pound cake stars around the sides .
 We kept it in the refridgerator until it was time to eat . It was so good ! Can't wait to make it again :)

 There is a sneak peek of my newest table runner. I haven't been able to finish it yet , I have been so busy , but it will be coming soon , and I think it is my all time favorite !
 This was our weather yesterday , gloomy and chilly ..I think it is going to rain all week !
 Photo op with the baby :)
 We took Mr. Adorable for ice cream .. I think he liked it !!
Hope you all had a nice weekend with family and friends !

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Zippy Zebra

Good Morning :) I was asked by Joann Fabrics to participate in their Summer of Joann Promotion "Cape Discovery "featuring alot of kids crafts .. I chose this crocheted  Zippy Zebra , and there is a free pattern for him here . He was pretty easy , and the best thing about him is that his ears are crocheted on so I didn't have to worry that the youngest Grandson wouldn't be able to play with him. To see more of Joann Fabrics kids summer crafts click here.
All you need is 3 colors of Red Heart acrylic yarn and a size F crochet hook ... adda a little fiber fill and you have a stuffed zebra !

The eyes are french knots so that makes it more child safe too.
He is the perfect size to fit in his little carrier on the front of his ride on  toy.

 The zebra can even stand on his head :)
My version is on the left , I added some black to his mane , it didn't stand out enough I thought , and a polka dot bow. I chose to use the turquoise and green combo just like the origional .. Love those colors together ! If you make a Zippy Zebra , show me ! I would love to see your version !
Thanks as always for your visits and comments  ! Hope you are all having a great Memorial Day weekend :)
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Giant Granny Square Blanket

 Good morning :)  Last week I couldn't help myself .. I started a new blanket. I am making another giant granny square blanket. The yarn is all red heart except the watermelon color. That color is from Michaels.
 I wanted to go with a summery color scheme .. and I wanted something I didn't have to think while making it :)

 Its getting bigger !
I got this pillow cover at Hobby LObby with my 40% off coupon , It was $4.00 and change after the coupon. I got this broach in the wedding department and cut the button off the pillow cover and pinned the broach on. The pin was $2.50 ( 50% 0ff) so for under $7.00 I got a new pillow .. I have to go back and get another set for the other chair. I don 't think I could have made one for that much money !

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mason jars and Garden Markers

Happy Tuesday ! Last week my daughter and I ran into the Good Will and bought some Mason Jars..We used 2 colors of acrylic paint and 1 sample paint from Lowes to paint the inside of the jars. We added ribbon and twine to the rm of the jars .. I placed mine on a pedestal platter on my kitchen table. We put water in them for the flowers and the paint seems ok. I think they turned out really cute :)  We already stocked up on more jars for future projects !

 I also made some row markers for my garden. I got the little fences and hearts at Hobby Lobby, ( they are really cheap, and already painted:) ) , my son drilled holes in the top of the hearts for the ribbon to go through. I used a paint marker to put the different vegetable names on.

 I tied the markers to the garden fence with twine.
 I planted our garden last week , we had temperatures in the 80' s .. I had to cover everything in the garden Saturday and Sunday night because of frost. Everything seems ok and hopefully thats the last of that cold weather !! We planted potatoes, both in the ground and in 2 big pots.Spinach, Tomatoes, green beans , zucchini , cucumbers, peppers , eggplant and some herbs ( basil, parsley , cilantro ). Hope this is a good year for the garden :) The strawberries are blooming like crazy .. Can't wait for those !
Hope all you Moms were spoiled by your children on MOther's day , I sure was and am very proud and appreciative of all my Kids !

Hope you all have a great week!
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