Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Two Snowman Trees

 Good Morning ! Today I am sharing with you two of the four of the trees in the family room.. both of them are snowman trees , but they are quite different !
 I made this snowman out of a four foot tree .. this is her third Christmas and she still looks good! I do add a little more stuffing each year . I just put her away in big black garbage bags .
 I get new sticks every year for her arms, plug her in ..and instant decoration . Wish all my trees were that easy :)

 The second snowman tree got a new tree topper this year .. I wanted a snowman head for the topper
 and was searching online , couldn't decide whether to make one or buy one ..
and then a thought came to me that I had this snowman , my sister in law in Connecticut gave to me a few years ago that the lights stopped working in and something was wrong with his base that he wouldn't
 stand up anymore, and I had it just leaning against the wall.... So all it took was removing 2 screws and putting a strand of lights in his head and I have a new tree topper ! Isn't he just amazing !
This tree is decorated with snowmen and snowflake ornaments and lots of snowflake garlands. I have made a some of the ornaments on the tree , these are some of my favorite cross stitched ornaments ..lots of Prairie Schooler ornaments !

Thanks so much for visiting !
 I appreciate all your visits and comments !Have a wonderful Saturday ! I will be back tomorrow with more trees !
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Candy Cane Kitchen Tree

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ! I am here to show you my candy cane tree that stands in the kitchen ..  

This year I added the The Chalkboard Ornaments  .. Before our remodel this tree sat in the corner on the other side of the hutch on top of an old wooden crate. Love my white hutch for the Christmas decorating !This year it kind of sticks out in the doorway to the dining room . I used a faux olive bucket from Walmart to stick it in . Believe it or not I have a roll of paper towels in the bucket that I stuck the stalk in and it has been standing up fine ! :)
This tree was a prelit tree and of course this year when I plugged it in half the lights did not work ! So my daughter took all the lights off for me ( quite the job ) after we tried everything to make it work ! I bought LED lights for this tree and they really shine white .
The star came from Hobby Lobby , I got the plaid flannel ribbon from an Estate sale this year and its perfect for it !
I love the candy garlands, its just such a cute cheery tree for the kitchen !
The chalkboard ornaments are my favorites , they just make the tree so much better !
Thanks for stopping by ! I will be back tomorrow with some more  of the 13 trees !

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving !

I had to crochet up this little turkey hat for the youngest grandson yesterday .. I used the pattern for an owl hat , made the beak bigger..made leaf like shapes for the feathers and a bigger kind of wonkey leaf for that dangly red thing .. He is so adorable and he will actually pose for you now :)

We got our real tree on Tuesday , IT'S HUGE .. and decorate it last night .. of course we had to run out and buy more lights because we had several strands that weren't working. I put white light on it too for the first time .. I thought it looked pretty with both the colored lights and white mixed. Its sitting in a galvanized bucket from an estate sale that I need to get down on my knees and scrape that label off the side ! This tree is filled with all our family ornaments , some from when I was a child..all the way up to the bread dough family ornaments we get each year at the craft shows. If you look at the front of the tree towards the top , my son and husband put a purple dog toy and I didn't even see it when I took this picture .. This is the 13th tree for this year ! I need to start showing you more of them !
Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family and friends ! I have a 26 pound turkey waiting for me ! Happy Thanksgiving !
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Cake Pops.. Bookpage Treetoppers and a Big Fat Tree !

 We made turkey cake pops ! We have never tried to make cake pops , so what an experience it was !
 You make a cake , crumble it and add frosting to it .. then roll out the balls and add your sticks. Then into the freezer for an hour .. so while we waited we made a book page tree topper for my daughters white tree :) we loaded it up with book page ornaments last week , so what a perfect tree topper !
 After an hour you dip them in melted chocolate.. I used chocolate chips with a little Crisco.. if we make them again I will get the candy melts ..The chocolate chips seemed to go on really thick .It was hard to get them to look nice on the outside. You have to work pretty fast getting the chocolate on and if it was thinner it would have been easier!
 We used candy corns for the tails and cut the ends off candy corn for the nose. I had white candy melts I melted for the eyes , then used a mini chocolate chip.. I used food coloring to make the white chocolate red for the little wobbly thing ( what is that called ) ? :) I should have made a small batch of royal icing for the eyes .. I will remember that for next year ..
I think they turned out cute for our first try.. even if some of them are a little scary :) I had to go to Pinterest last night and start a new cake pop board ...have to try some Christmas Cake pops !

We got our real tree yesterday .. its a Frasier fir , we got it from Home Depot.. Oh my its a big fat one ! This photo was taken when we first brought it in ..its fallen a lot more.. I got a galvanized bucket at an estate sale this summer to put the tree stand in ..I saw the bucket being used last Christmas on this blog .. I can't wait to decorate the tree !

Thanks so much for stopping by !
 Hope you all have a wonderful family and friends filled Thanksgiving ! We will be missing our boy at the University of Kentucky this Thanksgiving .. football is still going on and there is even practice on Thanksgiving !

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Page Tree Topper And Wreaths

Last year I had watched this Youtube video on how to make a book page wreath..It was too close to Christmas , so I knew I wanted to make one this year .  Yesterday my daughter and I made 4 wreaths and the tree topper ! Love the tree topper !

 There is a special way to roll the book pages so watch the video , it really helps! To make the tree topper I used a luncheon size paper plate turned upside down . Did 2 rows around the plate , added some ornaments for the center . We cut a piece of the roll from a roll of decomesh , glued it to the front of the plate and slipped the top of the tree into it .. Easy !
 For the wreaths we used cardboard boxes for the backing , drew an 8 inch circle , then a 4 inch circle and hot glued the paper tubes to the circles. Once its finished we went back and stuck tubes in wherever there were spaces. For the insides of the wreaths we folded the tubes and stapled about an inch up to make them shorter  .. we wanted the centers to be really full
 It takes about 120 tubes for each wreath, that you have to tape and staple..then glue.

 This tree is in the living room , its one of 3 in there right now.. hopefully adding the real tree today or tomorrow !

 This wreath with the aqua is my daughters..
 This wreath with the gold is for my sons girlfriend
 This wreath with the green and red is for my daughter in law..
 The balls for the center of the wreaths came from Dollar Tree and Targets dollar section.or the tree topper I used some old ornaments to make it look more vintage.
and this wreath is mine .. I hung it on the door in the family room that leads to the garage..from a piece of burlap. Aren't they all just beautiful ?
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A No Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt For Chelsea

I made this no sew ,Easy , ruffled tree skirt for my daughter's tree...Last week I helped my daughter decorate for Christmas at her new house. One of her trees was white so we used book page ornaments , snowflakes , and ball ornaments in aqua , light blue and silver. We also used burlap woven through the tree for a garland. I used white fabric with aqua snowflakes to make the tree skirt..

It looks perfect under her tree!

To make the skirt , I used one of my purchased tree skirts for a guide to cut felt for the base. I then ripped the white fabric into about 4 inch strips. Start at the bottom edge and using hot glue make a line of hot glue about 2 inches up on the felt and start putting down the strips pushing it together in the glue as you go to make the ruffles. Keep going and overlapping the rows until you get to the top .

 If you make your rows closer together it looks more ruffly , also you can use different colors for each row or make the strips smaller or bigger.. this is the 5th ruffled skirt I have made.. I just love them under the trees! you can see them here and here and here !
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