Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daisy porch pillow

 Good morning , and thanks for stopping by ! Last week I decided to make a pillow to go with the Burlap Daisy Wreath on our front door.  This was all a use what I had ( do it the cheapest way ! LOL !)
 I had an old pillow from a chair we got rid of so I made a cover for it in muslin sewing 3 sides , then folding the last side up and HOT GLUED it  :) Since this is on the front porch and will most likely get thrown away after a year or two I didn't want to spend too much time on it.
 I had this black polka dot fabric so I just cut it in strips and hot glued them down. First one direction then the other.

 I then took strips of this gingham black/ white and hot glued ruffles around the pillow.
 I added the 3 daisies that I pulled off a big bunch of them and glued those on top.
 I think it looks perfect and was basically free using what scraps I had around here !

Thanks as always for stopping by and leaving your nice comments! Have a great week !

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mickey Mouse Sugar Cookies

 Good morning ! The littlest grandsons birthday party was this weekend with a Mickey Mouse theme so I made some sugar cookies to match. I use the recipe from Mrs. Fields cookbook for my sugar cookies.
 I didn't have a # 1 cutter or a Mickey Mouse cutter , so I drew them on paper and placed over the dough and cut around them with a knife.
 I made alot of the double decker ones, using stars and circles on top of the scaloped squares.

 He is just adorable !
I made myself another stack of dishcloths ( I made 3 more than this , but my daughter took some home ) .. These work so well for doing dishes if you can crochet , make some ! To make these I use cotton yarn..( Lily sugar and cream. I get 2 dishcloths out of each ball, except the multi color  yarn, I get 3 dishcloths out of 2 balls.) You can get this yarn on sale at Michaels for 1.00 a piece when on sale.) . chain 30 with a size g crochet hook.. single crochet in 2nd chain from hook to end , chain 1 turn ..siungle crochet into each single crochet across.. repeat until desired length.. I did 26 rows.

Thanks as always for stopping by and leaving your nice comments! Have a great week !

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Burlap spring wreath

 Good Monday morning ! I had such an exciting weekend , I can't wait to tell you about it !
But first I made this wreath last week...I wanted to make a burlap wreath and use some of the black /white check burlap ribbon in it. I went to Hobby Lobby and they have decomesh that looks like burlap, so fun  ! So that made the choice easy !
 This time I used a straw wreath for the base , I left the plastic on since it will be outside.
 Don't you love that black/ white check burlap ribbon ? I sure do !
 I gathered the decomesh and used florist pins to secure the mesh to the wreath , then added a blop of hot glue over each pin for security .
 This is the wreath with just the mesh and burlap ribbon
 I added daisies that I cut down the stems to about 4 inches and glued them in.

 Here it is on the front door..I am going to make a pillow for the chair that sits on the porch in black and white this week.. Haven't decided how , but I think I might try painting black and white checks, or do a little subway art in black and white!

 Ok, now for our exciting weekend .. We drove down to Kentucky for the Spring blue and white game.. Our son is a walk on freshman Kicker/punter.. He told us he was dressing but wasn't sure if he would play ..
 He got to kick 3 extra points ( made them ) 2 field goals ( made one , went wide right on the other ) and punted once.. His team won 24-23 ...
 Seeing him up there on the huge scoreboard ...AMAZING ! He is # 90 in the back waiting to kick
It was so exciting for all of us .. The stadium was packed ! They had over 50,000 people there !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by ! Hope you all have a great week !
As always thank you so much for your nice comments !

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Puffy flower blanket

 Good morning :) All 130 puffy flower squares are finished and put together.. I even finished the border Friday night ! I made a ruffled border like I did on the Big flower blanket .. I did 3 rows single crochet, 1 row half double crochet , then one row of 3 dc in first stitch , 4 dc in next stitch around to form the ruffle. I love it :)

 I still need to sew in all the ends.. Maybe tonight !
 I loved making this pattern and the sqaures worked up so fast since there are only two colors

Ronnie had to try out the blanket and make sure it was soft enough !

In remodeling news, we have moved around the furniture again, put back the china cabinet and put all the Lilliput Lane houses back in. This view is from the stairs.

 This is the view from the kitchen .. Hard to believe a few weeks ago there was a wall here with a big UGLY mirror on it !
 We still need to get the drapes and a coffee table..more pictures on the walls too.

This dining room set is coming to live at my house tomorrow and I am very excited ! Can't wait to decorate that hutch !

Getting closer to the finish line with this stocking ! Just that little area to the left and the name area across the top ..Those little areas will take forever but I am getting alot closer !
Thanks for stopping by, and all your nice comments  ..Hope you had a great weekend !

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Bretton's First Birthday Banner

 Happy Tuesday !  Last Friday was the youngest grandsons first birthday, so I made a banner for him with my cricut.  I used 5 x 7 photos, one from each month to do the banner.  I got the scalloped squares from the storybook cartridge and this is the football svg ..  I added his name on the bottom and how many moths each photo was.

 I was going to use big tulle blue bows on the ends but it looked too girly. I ended up just making long chains with yarn and my crochet hook , and making pom poms in blue , red, and brown.

I stapled ribbon to the tops for hanging and added a red check bow to the top of each one.

They hung it across their sliding glass doors  ( it was hard to get a good photo ) but they are having a big birthday party in a couple weeks so hopefully I can get some better pictures then.
The birthday boy :)
He loved his new Little Tikes car .. 
On Easter we stripped off his clothes to color Easter eggs.. He had a great time doing it !
I made a cream puff cake for dessert on Easter.. I just made the normal cream puff dough, baked it , then after it cooled made the cream puff filling ,cooled it and put it on top of the dough. Then whipped up some heavy cream with a little sugar. It is so good! Next time I think I will add some sliced strawberries to the top.
 It was actually nice enough on Easter , 57 degrees ,that we went for a walk , Daughter in law, daughter, #2 sons girlfriend , oldest son... 2 grandsons and all the dogs ..It is back to being cold again , even a few snow flurries !
My #2 sons creative photography..
Hope you have a wonderful week , Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments :)

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