Friday, July 27, 2012

Roasted tomato sauce

Picked a bunch of tomatoes today , and yesterday , and the day before :) .. So I made roasted tomato sauce ..You just cut up the big tomatoes, I use 1/2 of a big onion for a sheet pan size, a bunch of fresh basil , some kosher salt and drizzle it all with olive oil..( last summer when I had alot of zucchini , I would cut one up and roast it too.. No one knew the difference and it got some more vegetables in my kids !)Stick it in the oven at 425 for about 45 minutes to an hour..let them cool and then stick all of it in the blender.. This made 2 freezer bags that we will then use on pasta . When I use it I add one of the basil cubes and a little more salt , and a tiny pinch of sugar.. topped with romano cheese , its a wonderful way to use up those tomatoes !
My rose of sharon plant seems to be enjoying the heat !
A Datura blossom from this morning..Tuesday Garden Party

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer garden granny squares

My Santa stocking has gotten a little farther.. Hope to be finished by Christmas !
Blackberries we picked yesterday.. They are now residing in the freezer..
Yellow pepper plant that has a ton of peppers on it..
Tomatoes and blackberries from yesterday.. We also picked a bunch of beans..
Our back sidewalk .The flowers are looking better ! Thats my little jack russell Ronnie..
I was going through crochet withdrawal .. started another blanket..This time summer garden granny square from attic 24 ..Last year when I saw all kinds of crocheted granny square blankets , I stumbled across the Attic 24 blog and made this pattern. I made theat blanket for my sister in law for her birthday, so I need this one for myself ! I started making the last round in white , but didn't really want that look, so I ripped it out and changed to this light brown /tan ..
Here is the post about the first summer garden blanket..
Hope you all have a great weekend !!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Basil cubes

This morning I cut back all my basil plants washed, dried it and stuck it in the food processer with some olive oil.. I then put it in ice cube trays, into the freezer until they are hard and then the cubes will go in zip loc bags in the freezer. The basil stays green and the cubes are perfect to toss in sauce or marinades, or even a couple kinds of soup I make. Its like having fresh basil all year ! I hope to do this a few more times before it frosts here.
 This was the basil I used for the cubes this morning..
still can't beleive how good my walmart flowers look ! :)
cute little zinnia
Santas progress ( not much )
Todays harvest, blackberries and tomatoes.. not much but they are so good !
some cards I made this week ..I think the graduation card is so cute.. I made them with my cricut ..
Here is a picture of the giant granny ..
I made doughnuts for the kids this morning using Grands biscuits , they dip them in powdered sugar and cinamon sugar..
Thanks always for visiting my blog and your nice comments ! Hope you all have had a great weekend !Tuesday Garden Party

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Giant granny finish & Lizzie Kate Halloween

This blanket was my car project to Florida and back.. I almost finished it ,just did a couple more rows and the border when I got home. It is 52 rounds and 4 rows of sc for the border..

Before we left I finished this Lizzie Kate Halloween abc.. Its really cute, can't wait to figure out what I am going to do to finish it.  We finally got some desperately needed rain yesterday and its drizzling this morning. Hope it does that all day ! 
Have a wonderful weekend !

Friday, July 13, 2012

Panama City Florida

For our vacation , we went to Panama City Fl..My husbands parents live there .. We stayed on the beach in a very nice condo..( Sterling Breeze Condos) ..We have stayed on the beach before , but this condo was much nicer than some of the others we have stayed in.

My youngest son and I ..he started Freshman High school football camp this week..and it is HOT out !

Our condo...16th floor..Right in the middle..

The beach was just beautiful..we spent every day in the ocean, te water was so clear and warm ! We  walked the beach every morning.. It was a great time !

My son and I.. he will be off to school in Kentucky next month

They went jet skiing for the first time..they had a blast

My husband and his parents..

The balcony to our door of the condo ..pretty high up ! In the distance is a really cute little shopping mall called Pier Park..We walked there every night.

We left Panama City and drove down to Holiday Fl. and visited my stepmother and then went to the cemetary where my Dad is..

The cemetary had so many flags lining the drive in because of the 4th of July..It was very pretty..

I was sure glad to get home and see these munchkins !!!
Thanks for coming by, And thank you always for your nice comments !!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Flag cookies

I made flag cookies before we left for Florida ..I left some at home and took a couple containers with us for the relatives . It was so hot when we were driving ...115 degrees , I ended up sitting with them on my lap since it was too hot in the trunk !!