Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raspberries !

Our raspberries are starting to get ripe..Just wish we had more plants !
Finally a zucchini !
We went raspberry picking at Thompsons Strawberry farm..
We put all these raspberries in the freezer to make raspberry bread all year long.
My daughter and I are going back on Wedenesday to pick more !
Our back sidewalk this morning, getting kind of close walking down the path !
Zinnias , Oh how I love them !
Here he is in is uniform, Still don't know if hes on the team or will red  shirt ..They had a scrimmage yesterday and he did get to kick a field goal ! He was so excitied !
Not such a great picture of the raspberry bread , but it is amazing stuff ! theres a glaze you pour on top made from heavy cream , butter and brown sugar ! Heres where I found the recipe..
Wish I had planted more zinnias , Oh thats right I did..but either chipmunks or my dogs dug them up !!
Our youngest son had his first high school football game yesterday morning..He plays on the offensive line . They won yesterday 42-14 !
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Two new projects and College ...

I started this ripple blanket on the way to Kentucky to drop our son off for college.. These are the colors for the University of Kentucky, I want to crochet a football shape to put in the corner and maybe his initials... If anyone knows of a pattern for a football shape I would love to know. I ran out of white yarn last night so I will be heading out to buy some today.

I have always wanted to make a granny square blanket with little squares all different colors , but the way I have always joined my blankets I would have had to use a color in between each square ...So since doing the join as you go I can now make the blanket with no color in between the squares.

Its just 3 rounds of a basic granny square.. love it though !

Pincushion flowers are starting to bloom.. I have them in pink, purple and white.. I deadhead in the fall and just leave the seeds in the garden so they come back every year.

My vegetable garden is still going strong in the tomato and green bean area..To the left are the tomatoes and they are hanging over the little fence we have up ..its like a jungle in there ! Still no zucchini or cucumbers. I am getting peppers and we did have one eggplant so far.

The zinnias are gorgeous..wish I had more so I could have ball jars of bouquets all over my house !

It was a very hard 3 days ( day before, day of , and day after) ! I don't think I am over the tears yet because I couldn't even talk to my neighbor about it yesterday !  Its a hard but neccesary step for him !
My son in his dorm room..he is excited , today he reports for football..We are hoping and praying for him to make the team..

football stadium

University of Kentucky's newest fans ! Could they be any cuter! Garden Party - button (3)
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer garden granny is finished !

I finished the attic 24 summer garden granny square blanket this weekend ..I really liked doing the join as you go method.. I did 3 rows of half double crochet for the border and then Lucy's border that she did on her granny stripe blanket. Both the links for the square and the border are at the bottom of the post.

More progress on the Santa stocking.. Doesn't look like much , but theres alot of stitches in there !! The son who I am making this for leaves for college on Friday .. He will be 6 hours away, and I am one sad but proud Mom.. Going to be a hard couple weeks as we adjust to this ..
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