Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Painted My Bedroom Furniture !

 Last week, my daughter and I with the help of 2 sons ( the sons didn't paint they were only physical labor ) and 1 girlfriend painted our bedroom furniture! The bedroom set was old I think 26 years old. and it was ugly ! We have talked about getting new furniture but there was always something else was needed , so it gets pushed to the end of the list. We used homemade chalk paint..
 There was a whole bed wall for the headboard and my son took it and the two cabinets  that were on top off , so we are just left with the nightstands and the back of the bed wall. This whole process has made our bedroom look so much bigger. I am on the lookout for a king size headboard to paint..We spray painted all the knobs and handles instead of buying new.. they were a brass color.
 There was ugly stained glass in the cabinets on the top of the hutch .. I was going to take the hutch part off the dresser and just buy a mirror to hang on the wall, but I turned the glass over so it was smooth and painted it with chalkboard paint.

It was a great way to lose the stained glass!

 We painted all the furniture in the bedroom.. slid boards and dropcloths under each piece. We had all the drawers lined up in the bathrooms.. It only took one day to paint it all but it took a couple days to get everything back in order.. It was so worth it ! I got new burlap lampshades at Hobby Lobby ..they are the round drum shaped ones shown below.

 They look so much better! This whole project was right around $100.00 including the lampshades! While this was going on my husband was out of town on a business trip, and he had no idea this was going on .. He did ask why I went with off white and not a color :) I just couldn't decide on a color so off white it was !
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Sugar Cookies 2013

 Yesterday was sugar cookie baking day for me :)  I didn't make as many as I usually do , but there are still a lot !
 There are pumpkins and  ghosts

  Chocolate Skeletons and cat skeletons..
 Lots of double decker cookies..

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

 It is pumpkin carving time at our house ! I carve 3 pumpkins and stack them to make a topiary .. .. Love them stacked by my front door!
 Frankenstein, skeletons and ghouls..
 flowers, the flag, football pumpkins..
 Another shot of the topiary..

 There are 2 owls and 2 flower pumpkins.. Loved the first ones so much I did 2 each of those..
 the other owl and a mummy..

 The daytime versions.. I use Christmas lights to light them instead of candles.. I just plug them in !
Have to have the puking pumpkin !
The youngest grandson wasn't too sure about pumpkin guts :)

It was trick or treating yesterday in the grandsons neighborhood..
I am off to make the cookies ! Halloween sugar cookie making day is today :)
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Friday, October 25, 2013

I Have Been Busy !

Thought I would show you what I have been up to !
The big flower blanket is finished ! Except for sewing in all the million and one ends :) It will get its own post when its finished, It is a huge blanket !! I think its my favorite blanket ever !

I crocheted myself a cowl 2 nights ago , have the youngest sons last sophomore football game to go to tonight and I am definitely going to need to dress warm ! If you to this post there is a link to the pattern for the cowl.
I made a stack of crocheted Halloween dishcloths for my basket by the sink ..
I picked the last of my zinnias ..they froze 3 nights ago , so no more zinnias ! Next year twice as many will be planted !
Some of them were so huge !
My oldest son and daughter in law inherited last years Halloween decomesh wreath , Looks great on their door, of their beautiful home !! I am still waiting on my daughter for a picture of her door with her Halloween wreath ..ummm, Chelsea ? :) She's been busy too :)

I had some help baking cookies ..

 I've been doing some cross stitch, Mary's Sampler from Plum Street Samplers.. its a stitch along , with a new part every Sunday . I didn't have time until this Sunday to start it , so I did the whole 4 parts last Sunday .
Working on October Wordplay from With Thy Needle and thread .. hope to finish it soon and get it finished so it can be used this year !

Making some baby  football hats and diaper covers for an order.. Need to finish these up today !

My daughter and I took on a furniture painting extravaganza this week with some help of my son and his girlfriend.. I will share this next week .. I am still sore and tired !
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Tour 2013



Its time for my Halloween Home Tour ! To start this fabulous season , we went pumpkin picking ! We have 95 pumpkins and a lot of gourds on the front porch and surrounding the planting beds...
Our front door decorated for Halloween with decomesh garland and wreath ..

I made this picket fence Halloween Countdown for the front porch ..
 The porch is decorated with scarecrows , mums and pumpkins..

The foyer is decorated with sweater pumpkins, cross stitch Halloween pieces, subway art, that big glittery pumpkin,and scarecrows..


The kitchen got a huge update by painting this hutch.. we also got new chairs at an estate sale.. I made a couple Halloween vignettes in the kitchen.
I used a lot of chalkboards in my Halloween decorating and this one is in the kitchen. My little white shelf is decorated with a cross stitch pieces , a few thrift store finds and a couple craft show pieces..
Another vignette in the kitchen with my vintage scale and metal cloche..
Another vignette with some sweater pumpkins , and the top of the hutch a garland and chalkboard decorate the rooster area !


love these vignettes !
In the family room I decorated the mantel .. I made a new subway art, and made the Spooky banner from chalkboard painted pieces. I  even used chalk paint on real pumpkins :)
On this side table I have my favorite Halloween cross stitch, a book page pumpkin , and a couple Halloween characters..
My Hallmark ghosts, a chalkboard sign and a ghost doll on a ceramic cake plate top my vintage cabinet.. I made the Spooky banner with my cricut ..
In the Dining room , I added this cross stitched piece to the buffet cabinet..

Some sweater pumpkins , and this easy fall table runner.

I have a decomesh garland above the hutch, inside the hutch are some pumpkins and hydrangeas.

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