Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All the grannies are finished !

I finished all the grannies last night .. so much faster to only do a bunch of 2 round grannies then add the 3rd color as you go. I used the join as you go method for putting it together ! Its very cloudy here (60 degrees in January in Chicago ? ) so the colors don't look as bright as they really are.

 I still have to decide on the border , I am thinking of doing the ruffled edge again like I did on the Flower blanket  Flower blanket border , but trying to do 2 diffeent colors of ruffled edging . Then the favorite ( NOT) job of sewing in the ends ! If any of you have a border that you think would be good on this blanket please leave me a comment !

This is what happens when you leave your project on the couch .. It just amazes me that they cover themselves up. Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments ! Have a great week !
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Friday, January 25, 2013

This week..

This week I have gotten alot done on this blanket.. It was going so slow because I was being so picky about colors and making each 3 round granny square .. I decided to just make a bunch of 2 round squares , then choose the 3rd color as I was putting it together.. Saves alot of time ..

I finished this Prairie schooler Santa...

And mostly I have done this ! I have had the youngest Grandson since Sunday .. We have played until he is worn out ! He will be 10 months old in a few days and is a BUSY boy !  He has been a really good baby ! My daughters chiahuahua thinks she belongs in the playpen and jumps in every chance she gets.. His parents come home tomorrow and I will need a long nap :)
Could he be any cuter ?

Have a great weekend !
Thanks for your visit and your nice comments !
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweater pillows

 I saw this post for  sweater pillows  ..so off we went to the Good will store .. I got 2 cream colored sweaters and a light brown sweater. The argyle sweater was in the closet ( don't tell my husband) :)

 I decided to add some little crocheted roses to one of the pillows , the pattern is attic 24 roses .. I did one tan, brown and aqua.. and made the two leaves. All of it was very easy ! I think they look great on our bed

 Aren't the little roses adorable ??

I also got another Prairie Schooler Santa stitched.. this one is the 1988 Santa.
 Hope you all have a great week ! Thank you for visiting and all your nice comments !!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter subway art table runner

Thank you for visiting today ! We had a very busy Holiday season.. Christmas , New years , 2 of my kids birthdays , and our wedding anniversary..Seems like it all went by way too fast ! All of the Christmas is down and put away except for the 2 trees I keep up until the end of January. I started at 6 am and was finished by 1:00pm .. Does not take long at all to put away !The boys and husband put it all in the crawl space..
 I had to make another table runner for the winter .. I used dark aqua, light aqua, silver and white paints. I used osnaburg again for the base , today I had to go to Joann fabrics to get some fabric for the ruffles.. I didn't have any aqua fabrics.

 Some progress photos.. Like the Christmas one I made I stamped snowflakes lightly in the background using the silver and white paint

 I got this tray at Goodwill the house was a gift last year from my daughter, and I just added snowflakes and mini ornaments ..

 This house sits on a tray in the family room on the coffee table. Not ready to give up all the decorations yet ! I still have the ice skate tree and snowman tree up and they will stay up until the end on January.
 I have gotten some stitching done...2 prairie schooler santas and a 3rd one about 1/2 done.. a Little house needleworks ornament..and the snowman ornament..
 The mantel is decorated for winter.. I used a glittery house, some lanterns, snowy garland , snowy trees and ice skates..
Thanks as always for your visits and comments I truly appreciate them ! Hope 2013 is going well for you all !

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