Friday, September 25, 2020

Basic Witch .. What's In mY Cup

Good morning! Look what's in my cup! You can find the cutest upside down witch " Basic Witch "in our Etsy shop here  !
We had a little photo shoot with the model for the stitching .. Piper ..
When we were interrupted by the Meanest Cat In America.. Calvin ! "what are you doing on MY table!"
"I'm the model this time buddy" .. "that's me in that cup "


 Chelsea stitched the model on 28 count black evenweave with all Classic Colorworks floss.. 
Basic Witch was finished on a little cauldron Halloween piece from Walmart . Item # is on the chart .. I used 2 of our Priscilla's Pretty Plaids .. added some gingham ribbon  to the top .. made a bow from plaid ribbon and added a candy corn .. super easy and cute! 

Hope you enjoyed our little story time :)

The first 3 Halloween What's In My Cup

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Tina Mac said...

I think Calvin is saying, "What are you doing in that hideous outfit? You wouldn't see me dead wearing that thing! HA, Ha, Ha!"

Wendy said...

Omgosh! Love the dialogue and the pattern! Can't wait for Holiday Housewives!

DonnaBee said...

OMG! I WAS finished stitching things for Halloween!

Coco Crafter said...

your story is so funny and how cute are they !! Great stitching piece !

Shelly Nichols said...

Calvin and Piper are always up to no good! Adorable!

barb said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!

ytsmom said...

Calvin's just nervous about moving. Cut him some slack!!

disney@heart said...

You just wait you are going to miss Calvin and how will he be alone without his dogs I hope he is ok with this.

disney@heart said...

Ok I had to comment again, we are in lock down in Napa, fire and smoke but I just couldn't stop laughing at the two pictures in the middle of the post and the story really I either need some valium or I have to keep looking and commenting. I sure love that cat and those two pooches I really need an adopted little pooch Im just worried because we have new carpet upstairs and the accidents a little pooch might have. I do have two cats Salem Chillingsworth White and Kate White (she has one eye) see I am nice my daughter got her at Petco because kids were making fun of her now I have her claws and special need for 65.00 bag food, she should have just pinched the kid when no one was looking. just kidding.