Monday, July 13, 2020

June Truckin Along #2

Happy Monday Friends! 
This is the June Truckin' Along stitched by Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop  and finished by me! 
She stitched hers in one piece instead of two and asked for a pug to put on the hood of the truck I made her a pug which you can also use these two cute pups for your trucks .. To finish her piece I mounted it on sticky board .. and then mounted red check fabric on sticky board ..I then glued those 2 pieces together and  glued them to this cute ladder that was purchased at Hobby Lobby 
 5204219 is the item number ..
I made a bow with red stripe ribbon and black check ribbon .. added a daisy and a couple strawberries ..

Here are the pugs charted up for you to use ! 

June..July.. August ..September Truckin' Along 

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Susie said...

So talented - thanks for sharing. As I'm in the Southern hemisphere I love how the month can be separate. I intend to swap out the months to match the charts here in Australia.

Nina said...

That is very cute!! Thank you so much for posting the pattern for the little doggie for us!!!

Jacqueline said...

Always enjoy seeing your posts.

Unknown said...

Is there a Ronnie chart? That's who my dog looks like

Teri said...

Just beautiful as always!!! I couldn't get that item number to work...