Thursday, July 23, 2020

My Christmas List progress

Happy Thursday ! 
For those of you stitching my Christmas List with the floss pack from Fat Quarter shop is my progress.  

When I finish itv I will post more photos . I am alternating the words with Black |Coffee and Bamboo with a few Ribbon Red words

and finished !

thanks so much for stopping by!
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Denise said...

HI! I love your designs and work. So beautiful. I've been stitching for a while, but I was wondering if you use a hoop or frame? Also you don't seem to start in the middle of a design and work out. How do you know where to start so you'll have enough fabric for finishing?
thank you!

loriginsberg said...

Thank you for sharing this. You have a way with color. I am getting braver with changing up the colors called for in a pattern to match my style, which just happens to be very much like your style.

ShellyM said...

I love these and So excited for Your Halloween 🎃 project my favourite time of year and another year older 😂 and I CANT WAIT TO LEARN MORE Skills so I can make your amazing Christmas Tree 🎄 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING SUNSHINE TO MY DAY 💕

Robin said...


nancy said...

The fat quarter shop is out of the floss packs. I was going to order the floss individually but the pattern does not say haw much of the black coffee and bamboo is needed.could you let me know and I can order individually from them