Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Snowman Tree and The Scrapbook Tree

 Good morning!
Here are 2 more trees .. the scrapbook tree and the snowman tree.. These are both in the family room ..These animals are too much .. always posing for pictures ..
 The scrapbook tree rotates .. I bought it at Hobby Lobby lots of years ago on clearance for 13.00 started as a place for all the kids ornaments they had made in school with their pictures..
 then all their school wallet size photos were added .. and just random photos I love..
3 different kinds of  ribbons and berry garlands
 The topper is made from scrapbook cardstock that is scored and made into fans .. I glued a stiff cardboard tube between them to stick the top of the tree through

Chelsea made me a few this year for the tree but I have a lot more to make!
 The snowman tree is in the opposite corner and is full of snowman ornaments .. It is a flocked tree ..
 stitched ornaments ..

 and all things snowman !
 the topper is off of a light up snowman that the bottom wasn't working so up on the tree he went.. I crocheted him a
super long scarf that gets woven in the tree
 Both have ruffled fabric tree skirts that I made a few years ago ..

 you can see more about the mantel 
Up on the Housetop chalkboard 
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Lefty Stitcher said...

Amazing as usual!! Love the Snowman's long scarf. Thanks. I love seeing all your pics. I see something different every time. Hi Ronnie and Calvin.

Barb said...

Both tree are wonderful. You do such a creative job with your tree toppers! My tree is sort of a memory tree but not pictures. That is a great idea.

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thanida said...

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Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for sharing these again Priscilla. I need some ideas for finishing I love how you use some of the bigger cross stitch pieces for ornaments as well. I am going to try that this year.

murakami said...

thanks for the education. and yes, keep writing and helping us.It’s very interesting fact to hear from you.

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