Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Quilts of 2018

Good morning!
All the quilts we made in 2018! Colored text is clickable for more info!
We started out making flannel rag quilts in of course our favorite buffalo plaid!

Next up .. string quilt as you go ..

a farmhouse 4 inch square quilt  and a red, white and blue quilt ..

2 flannel rag quilts and matching doll blankets 

another quilt as you go string quilt ...

3 baby quilts for Cash

we  made fall quilts!

we made Halloween quilts!

Swell Christmas quilt as you go strip quilt 

a baby size strip quilt as you go for Cash

and lastly this one is all pieced together but still needs backing and binding ..its another strip quilt as you go

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Sew Shabby Designs said...

Great job. Love the Swell and Bonnie and Camille quilt

Unknown said...

Love all the quilts as well as all the items that you do. Continue the great work and videos. Will be watching in 2019.

Karen Gieselman said...

Beautiful job girls!

Laura Love said...

Loved them all!

Joyce Hartman said...

Love all of your quilts!! They are beautiful!! When you are doing the quilt as you go quilts, do you cut or use precut the batting to the size of the squares you are making? I’ve watched the videos but want to make sure that is what you do before getting myself into a mess on my first one! ��

Unknown said...

Love the quilts and especially for Cash, use them like my daughter did for her little one:).
Kathleen in Az

Barb said...

All the quilts are awesome, I quit quilting because I made a job of it. I have been very careful not to do that with stitching! I should follow your example!!

Natureluvr57 said...

It seems Quilt as you Go is your favorite, is it? For someone who wasn't going to get into quilting, you sure made a lot of them. You never know when trying a new craft how much you'll love it. I crocheted afghans in the past but prefer quilts now.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You and your daughter make such beautiful quilts! It's so nice that you can do those together!

Unknown said...

You have inspired me to try quilting. I have been watching videos, looking at fabric and brainstorming ideas. Thank you for trying something new and sharing it with the rest of us.