Monday, December 10, 2018

Strip Quilt-a-rama

 Good morning!
This weekend we finished up 2 strip quilts and made progress on a 3rd! This is my quilt as you go strip quilt using the Swell Christmas jelly rolls and also white fabric added in ..These blocks are 9-1/2 inches..

These quilts are really fast and fun because you do most of the quilting before it gets sandwiched together ..

The colors in this fabric are beautiful soft vintage Christmas colors and I just love it!

and now for the cutest baby quilt model ...
 We also finished the quilt that Chelsea put together all the blocks for Cash .. this was also a jelly roll
 of cute little farm animals!

 Layla of course had to get in on the action :)
 can you tell he loves it ?
 For both of these we did a scrappy binding of leftover jelly roll pieces .. Mine has a red and white stripe backing , and Chelsea's quilt for Cash has an aqua animal print ..

 I also sewed a bunch more of the blocks for this quilt .. these are the little fat quarter rolls we got at Walmart .. This one looks amazing too! My obsession with all things buffalo check continues! These and the baby quilt are 6-1/2 inches 

 Ronnie ..get off the new quilt .. Love, Calvin :)
Here is a you tube video for the quilt as you go blocks 
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At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Watched the video and it really interests me to try this quilting option. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

This is a cute post with all the models. Cash is a cutie, his smile:). The quilts are amazing, love them!
Kathleen in Az

Linda said...

Cash is so Cute. I had never seen the quilt as you go until I seen your videos. I watch the video above. I'm going to try this technique for sure. Love your blog. Linda WV

Shelly said...

Love all the quilts and the models, especially little Cash. Love, Calvin, lol! Thanks for the quilt as you go video. I was going to go to your latest flosstube and ask how a quilt as you go is started.

Barb said...

Those quilts are really very pretty. They have the look of log cabin design, that is one of my favorites. You and Chelsea just might inspire me to take up quilting!! Adorable photos of Cash and the dogs and of course Calvin. He is a very pretty cat!

Lllr55 said...

Love your quilts!! They are beautiful!