Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Two More Santa's!

Good morning!
There are 2 more stitched Santa's finished and on display!
The first is basketful of winter from With Thy Needle and Thread 
I changed the floss colors and it is so pretty! I used Classic Colorworks floss in the colors ..Shabby Sheep.. Blackbird.. Ladybug,,Cocoa Bean ..Mistletoe..Licorice Red and SnowballI have stitched the three others in the series and used this same metal stand and just use magnets on the back to change  them out ..
 I mounted it on sticky board and also mounted red gingham on sticky board for the backing .. I used a reindeer pick , flocked picks and red berries .. a black stripe bow and a red bell for the topper ..
Love it!
Next is another With Thy Needle and Thread Santa ..Jingle all the Way 
I used Classic Colorworks floss.. Eggshell ..Hickory Sticks.. Cocoa Bean ..English Ivy .. Cherry Cobbler ..Perfect Piecrust ..Ye Olde Gold 

***Please remember if you copy my finishing ideas that you be considerate and give a link to my blog or facebook page..****

 I have stitched the Halloween version of this and used this little vintage tray that I chalk painted off white ..
 I mounted it on sticky board with 2 layers of warm and natural batting .. and added a torn strip of red/ green ticking homespun ..

 It's got a magnet in the tray and a washer on the back so I can switch the designs out .. There is a cute snowman that will go in there next for Snowman Season ..
This weeks You tube video ..
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2018 Christmas  Home tour

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Cathy56 said...

I never tire of looking at all of your Christmas decorations! You have such a lovely, inviting home!

gloriahanaway said...

Congratulations on reaching 10,000 flosstube subscribers! Now for 20,000! :)

Jenny said...

Did I hear Chelsea say on the stitching video that she has a blog too? If so, can you please send me the link.
Many congratulations on reaching 10,000 subscribers!
As always, I love to tag along on your Christmas home tour, thanks for sharing.
Jenny from New Zealand

Barb said...

I love both of your finishes. I did a Basketfull of Summer but I still need to do the others. It is great the way you finish them so you can change them out so easily!!Great photo of Calvin!

Stamper D said...

Just beautiful! I always look forward to your posts and love to watch you, Chelsea and Cash in your videos.

Karen said...

Beautiful Santa finishes. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 subscribers. That's fantastic!

thanida said...

Thanks for this guide listen!  but now well understood and slowly work up the post from there.Thanks for sharing medium guide.

supersonic100g9 said...

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