Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Cookies 2018

The cookies are baked!
3 double batches of Mrs. Fields Sugar cookies
 snowmen ..Santa's.. trucks with trees.. cars with trees.. cows and chickens
 one batch of chocolate sugar cookies
 one batch of Mrs. Fields Gingerbread cookies 

I use Wilton merengue powder and the recipe for the royal icing is on the side
 lots of ugly sweaters :)

Thanks so much for your visit!
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maarnolde said...

Just wonderful as always. Merry Christmas!!

Barb said...

You are a fantastic cookie artist!!

Crystal said...

Yummy looking as always Priscilla...may I ask if you would share your icing recipe as well?
Thank you for the other recipes!

Jannie said...

I have several friends who don’t stitch, but go nuts over your cookie blogs. I have to send these to them every time. So fantastically done. Thx Priscilla.