Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stitchmaynia week one 2019

Good morning! I am hoping to give you a weekly update of Chelsea's and my Stitchmaynia starts! 
On May 1st .. I started Bittersweet and Broomsticks ..With Thy Needle and Thread .. on grey that we Rit dyed ..
May  2.. Wool and Flax Co from Plum Street Samplers .. coffee tea dyed light grey evenweave

May 3 .. The Old Red Barn ..Little House Needleworks  stitching it on Linen planked fabric 
May 4 ...Hen Peck .. Plum Street Samplers.. light grey coffee/ tea Dyed evenweave 
May 5.. Coupe De Noel Collection Tra La La .. light green Rit dyed ..with coffee tea dye also 

May 6 Wee Santa ..Heart in Hand / tea dyed evenweave

May7 .. Where Liberty Dwells With Thy Needle and Thread .. blue evenweave tea dyed
and one of my extra 3 .. besides my 31 starts is Summer Whirlygig which I started May 7  and finished this morning May 8   
Now Cash wants to show you his Maynia starts .. :)
May 1.. Black Cat Hollow.. Barbara Ana.. grey Rit dyed evenweave 
May2 .. Bee garden .. Heartstring Samplery tea dyed evenweave 
May 3 .. Merry Mouse .. With Thy needle and Thread .. light grey tea dyed 
May 4.. Hen Peck .. Plum Street Samplers
May 5 where Liberty Dwells ..Hands On Design .. rit dyed blue .. coffee tea dyed also 

May 6 .. Sunflower Sampler ..Heart In Hand .. coffee tea dyed evenweave

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Barb said...

You did a super job of showing these with cute little Cash and even the animals! Looks like you are off to a great start!

Stamper D said...

Awesome! Love your and Chelsea's selections!

Shelly said...

Love your Maynia starts! It's hard to believe that Cash will be a year old before long.