Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Happy Easter

Good morning!
This is Easter Wreath from Tiny Modernist .. stitched by Kimberly at Fat Quarter shop and finished by me :)

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I found the bunny at Hobby Lobby .. it is metal and stands on its own .. it's belly was the perfect size for the stitched piece ..
I mounted the stitching on sticky board , with 2 layers of batting underneath .. and added a ruffle of torn aqua gingham ..I added another fabric covered sticky board for the back ..
here is the item # for the bunny ..and the chart is here 
to attach the piece to the bunny I glued a piece of ribbon to the top between the back sticky board and the front sticky board which I tied around the neck area of the bunny .
 Then I just stuffed the piece into the belly area ..for the bow I used 2 ribbons and added 2 small carrots and a little chick..
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Shelly Nichols said...

Super cute! You always have wonderful finishes!

Jackie2020 said...

I love your creativity!! This finish is just so perfect! This chart intrigued me but I didn’t get it yet but now that I see it completed this goes on my need to make list! Thank you for posting this!

Kim M said...

I just Love all your finishes. I am watching all your Flosstube videosfor the first time and find myself laughing and enjoying them so much. I have been stitching and crafting for over 40 years and since I became hooked on your Flosstubes and blog, I had to go back through all my cross stitch patterns and picked out patterns I thought I would never stitch. I even found a few of the ones you designed and added them to my "have to do" list. So thank you both for sharing your wit, wisdom, excitement for a craft that has always been my favorite and most of all, your beautiful homes and lives.