Friday, May 22, 2020

What's In My Cup? ... Old Glory

 Good morning!
What's in my cup today?  Of course it's Old Glory ..surrounded by sunflowers can find the chart here in our Etsy shop 
 To finish the design .. I mounted the stitching on sticky board ..I also mounted red check fabric on sticky board and blue check fabric on sticky board . I glued the 3 pieces together and then glued them to this unpainted wood piece that I used Chalkboard paint on lightly so some of the background would show through .I made a bow with this twill tape  and red polka dot ribbon .. I then glued a sunflower on top of the bow .. simple ...pretty finish !
 Here are all 4 of the Patriotic ..What's In My Cup! Which on is your favorite? I am hoping to get my kitchen hutch all decorated with these patriotic designs this weekend!
Also in the Etsy shop today is  Sip of the Seasons ..Sam and Liberty ..
Some awesome stitching for your Memorial Day Weekend!
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Sam I Am...... said...

Another darling design! It's hard to pick a favorite vut I think I like Home the best probably because of the colors and the chickens. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Stay safe!

Barbara A said...

You just keep bringing out one great design after another! I have a question about the fabric check sticky do you decide the size? Some look like a thinner boarder and some look there a method to your madness? Have a great weekend. Barb

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I just started Long May She Wave and I have to say it is a fun stitch. Your charts are easy to read and the colors are wonderful. Thanks to you and Chelsea for your hard work.

Becky's Place said...

I love the idea of "What's in my cup?" My favorite is Old Glory. I like the others and thought "Home" was my favorite till I saw Old Glory. :)