Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rae Dunn Look Alike Ornaments

Look at all these beauties!
My daughter Chelsea and I are Rae Dunn mug collectors,, more hunting for them than collecting! Her pieces are hard to find ! Chelsea saw these on a Cricut board on Facebook and knew she could make them ..
 So we got 2 boxes each of white ball ornaments.. she used her Cricut to cut vinyl letters and then adhered them  to each ornament.. the font is called The Skinny on

 Look how cute they are ! Can't wait to show you this tree they are on!
 Here are all of them ..Thanks Chelsea for making me such cute ornaments!
This week's flosstube

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Michelle Rocha said...

I always look forward to seeing the amazing, cute, creative things you ladies make! What a great team!

Debra Brod said...

I LOVE those! Anxiously awaiting the tree pics.

Julie said...

Your ornaments are the bomb diggity!! :) Chelsea did a great job!! They look just like Rae Dunn! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and the beauty of your home and life with us! :)

Cheryl Walsh said...

Happy Happy 24th on the 12th-may you have many more happy healthy birthdays!
Love you guys on Utube!

Kathleen George said...

Chelsea did a beautiful job on the ornaments, very cheerful, love the words, I want one:). Kathleen in Az

Maggee said...

What a great thing that can be done on ornaments! You guys are so creative! They are beautiful! (I wonder if my daughter ever used my Cricut that I gave her??? Hmmm...) Hugs!

Jenny said...

Lovely ornaments - you both did a great job. Then I spotted the caravan (RV) ornament too, we enjoy our regular have trips away in our caravan here in New Zealand, where it is almost Summer. No white Christmas for us!

shirley flavell said...

Love those, they are fabulous. Like "Jenny" said in her comment saw the caravan and felt instant love for that. Yes it's nearly, nearly Summer here.Beautiful day today here in N.Z. where I am.

DianeM said...

The ornaments are soooo cool! Me & my daughter try to collect Rae Dunn also - but like you, it's hard for us to find the "good" ones...I have to admit I did break down & bought Merry off the "bay of evil" (as Lori calls it lol) - I figured it was worth it considering that I'd be driving all over looking for weeks & never finding it in a store anyway. Oh well...
I can't wait to see the tree finished with the ornaments, it's going to be so neat :)
Smiles, DianeM

Victoria Martin said...

OMG Just super cute!!!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love these Ornaments!!!
Really cute!!