Saturday, September 14, 2019

September Squaredance

Good morning! 
This is Heart In Hand September Square Dance 
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I have stitched August and June so far and they all get magnet-ed on to and stored in this buffalo check tin canister I found at Hobby Lobby .. I plan on stitching all the months and hopefully they will all fit inside .. I can't wait for the October chart to come out! 

I used Classic Colorworks floss in Licorice Red , Bamboo, Black coffee and Muddy Puddle and stitched it on 28 count tea coffee dyed evenweave Monaco

I mounted it on sticky board with 2 layers of batting .. and then mounted it onto black gingham check fabric covered sticky board . A bow of black buffalo checks and a wooden barn top this months off! 
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Hedgie said...

Beautiful cross stitch! Have a happy crafting day!

Nancy A said...

I have watched you you tubes on finishing and I have a question on your use of washers and magnets. Have you ever used this technique on an antique window. I have one in a hard to get to space in the garage or I would experiment. I was wondering if using a washer on one side of the window and the magnet on the other side to place a cross stitch in each Pane of the window. Thanks