Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Midwest Cross Stitch Retreat!

Good morning!
Last Thursday Chelsea and I left for Minnesota .. It was a 6 hour drive .. and our first stop was Michelle ( farmgirl stitcher) farm! Michelle runs the Midwest Cross Stitch Retreats ..Cash loved the goats and the dogs ! It was amazing to meet Michelle in person!Thank you Michelle for inviting us! This has been in the works since June 28 last year... and the project has been sitting in my house finished since January( it was hard not to be able to show you all) I loved the enamel piece for the jar and was so glad we were able to use it!
Second stop Stitchville USA .. it was huge and we loved it!

Next stop the Oak ridge Retreat Center where the retreat is held .. The grounds are beautiful! 

Friday morning we got up and had to get a new brake light installed .. and of course stopped at a couple Homegoods! The retreat started at noon .. so we stitched until about 5 when we got to show them how they would be finishing their pieces the next day and tell them there would be a series!

Fat Quarter shop was amazing and sent us  Stitchers journals for all 75 attendees!
I stitched on linen for the first time and actually liked it! Ladonna from Sampling of memories made us the most awesome thread and scissor keeps .. and necklaces 
The retreat piece and the extra small that they were given on Friday night ..These designs will be the last in the 7 designs in the Chalkfull series! Thanks so much to Cathy at Hands on Design for charting these for the retreat!

Saturday we taught 2 classes .. one at 9 and one at 2 ... each one took about 3 hours to get all the pieces completed!

Glue guns were used.. and no 911 calls had to be made! Everyone's projects were awesome ... it was such a great experience .. we can't wait to do it again!

Cash was wonderfully behaved the whole time .. driving and retreating! We were very lucky!

The Housewives shirt wearers! Loved seeing them all!
all the projects completed! Is that not just the best photo!?! I cannot even tell you how proud I was of all of them !
We loved meeting everyone and had the best time! Thank you so much to all the stitchers who came and welcomed us with open arms! There were some tears shed over all their nice words to us! We appreciate you all so much!

I cannot say Thank you enough for how great this weekend was!!

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This weeks video ..

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Unknown said...

Wow that looks like a fun time !! I hope someday to be at one of those retreats. Thanks for the Chalk Full series, I’m so excited for it ! I can a lot of our garden, so this makes me happy 🥰🥰🥰

Stamper D said...

What a great time!!! Good memories made as well as new friends. I am just loving this new series and can't wait to start it. Thank you and Chelseacfor all you ideas and inspirations. Cash is just such a little sweetie ❤.

Shelia Burton said...

So happy you all had a great time. I love your new Chalkfull series and can't wait to be able to purchase them. They are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!!!!

Emily said...

love love this new series-- we already bought our finishing pieces as Hobby Lobby as almost out!!!

Joanie said...

It was AMAZING to finally meet you at the retreat! My mom and I look forward to watching your video every Saturday. You inspire us more than I could ever say! Thank you for the wonderful memories! ❤️

ShirleyG in MN said...

What a great trip! Love everything about your new designs - can’t wait for them to be available. I’m trying to stitch on linen but not sure my eyes are up to the task! A magnifying glass may be in my near future. ��

ShirleyG in MN said...

Oh - and I believe I have you to blame for my new found love of Home Goods!!!

Unknown said...

Wow what a time!!! Isn’t retreat wonderful!!!! Can’t wait till y’all come to Arkansas!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for sharing Priscilla. I ordered one of the project books from Fat Quarter shop after seeing it on your visit to Texas. I love it. I plan to purchase one for each year I am stitching. It is so organized. Wearing my stitching with the Housewives shirt to our North Alabama Stitchers Day on Saturday!! Representing!!:)

quiltstitch1 said...

Your blog made me so wish I could have gone to the retreat! I would love to attend next year. Is it possible to be added to a list or call some one for information?
Thanks so much!!!

Sharon Morrison said...

The pictures show the excitement for the retreat. Lots of smiles.
Love your new series and will be stitching on a lighter color because my
Eyes revolt!!!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a fun, fun weekend!!! I love your new series and can't wait to order them! I'll have to check at my HL to make sure they have those white enamel pieces. Thank you so much for posting all the pictures!

Cynthia said...

It was just the best! So happy to have met you, Chelsea and Cash in person. You are so talented, Priscilla, and a fabulous teacher! We all enhanced our finishing skills, thanks to you and Chelsea. Very grateful to Michelle Reudy for hosting these retreats.❤️

Tal Wo said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Gotta get me one of those shirts.

Carol said...

Looks like a wonderful retreat--your new series is adorable, Priscilla!

Sam I Am...... said...

What lucky people to share a beautiful retreat with you and Chelsea and Cash. I think Chelsea is smart getting him used to traveling and other people. If they get used to it when they're young then they don't have a problem. He's such a great little boy!
I wish I could have been there and LOVE the liberty jar and how you finished it. I can't believe you stitched on linen!?! Are you going through the change? Literally? You rebel you! I just ordered my first Monaco and now you're stitching on linen...I can't keep up! LOL!
Get your rest and recoup from your trip....you don't want to be sick on your big day...Mother's Day...please tell me you're not cooking! Have a great one!