Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dollar Tree Santa Wreath

Good morning!
About a month ago I found this Vintage looking Santa ( wooden board ) at the Dollar Tree for you guessed it $1.00 ! I couldn't decide where to put it so it became a very inexpensive wreath!
 Remember last year I made this wreath from a Dollar Tree sign?  The reindeer wreath hangs in my downstairs powder room..

I purchased 2 flocked -pine cone-berry picks (50% off) so there  is one on each side ..from Hobby Lobby and the grapevine wreath .. I also used one faux cotton branch split into two parts( You know I love my cotton branches!).I didn't glue any of it in so I can change it out if I decide to in the future.. The ribbon is from Michael's at 70% off! Right now its hanging in the family room on the garage door.. and I love it! It took about 15 minutes from start to finish!

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CathieJ said...

You find so many great bargains. I have to make a smallish wreath for my mom's front door and you have given me a couple of ideas. Love your decorating style.

Kathleen George said...

A cute inexpensive wreath. I found a few little touches of Christmas at my dollar store today. A few weeks ago I was fortunate to buy some beautiful Fall decor half off from HL, perfect for next year:).
Kathleen in Az

Kris said...

I need to pop into Dollar Tree once in a while. That Santa sign is adorable!!
xo Kris

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love that sign! I picked up a snow man one that has a similar look!! The wreath idea was a great one and it came I=out looking fabulous!!

BarberryLane Designs said...

That's cute, I love vintage looking prints. And this is a cute way to use them, thanks for the ideas, Sandi

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