Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Vignettes in the Family Room

Happy Wednesday!
Today it's all about the Christmas vignettes in the family room...
On the aqua cabinet sits the oval galvanized tiered tray.. Its filled with putz houses ( vintage and new)  mason jars, and bottle brush trees..

\There is a thrift store basket filled with Dept. 56 Santa's ...glittery deer ..a vintage scale and of course stitching!

The sofa table has a vintage window with a pom pom garland...more dept 56 Santa's ..another vintage scale...deer from BHG at Walmart ..and stitching..
Country Cottage Needleworks Silent Night framed in a thrift store frame with a thrift store sweater for the background..

and Lizzie Kate's Christmas ABC and more glittery deer..
on the desk are the Country Cottage Nedleworks December cottage and With THy Needle and Thread December wordplay .. bottle brush trees in painted Mason Jars
are also o display..
I hung this vintage frame and gave it a chalkboard center.. no drawing..I just wanted a smudged chalk background. ..I made the grapevine wreath with flocked and berry picks from Hobby Lobby ..added some cotton branches and a galvanized JOY ornament from Michael's ...

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Myra said...

I must say I have never ever seen a house decorated like yours. It for certain is over the top gorgeous. I can't imagine where you store all these things .... it boggles the mind. :~)

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