Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter In the Kitchen 2016

 Good morning!
Hope you are all having a great week!
I have shown you bits and pieces of the kitchen decorated for Winter ..and I am putting all those together here..
 Of course the seasonal chalkboard of my favorite decorations!
 I have a couple wintery vignettes on the counter .. the lantern is a light up wax melter from Walmart ..Love it ! a snowman plate from Goodwill and a cow creamer ( also from Goodwill !) sit on top of a white pedestal cake plate.. next to that is a wrought iron basket filled with white greenery ,a little tree,a plaid lined basket with a pedestal inside holding a glass jar with a winter scene ..( epsom salt , a truck ornament and a bottle brush tree)
 This vignette has a couple vintage chickens in a cloche ..mason jars, another cow creamer snowflakes, greenery and bottle brush trees in a wooden tray..
There is a winter chalkboard on top of the hutch with a flock of chickens and greenery ..
I keep moving the galvanized tiered tray between the table and the counter .. which do you like best? Two years ago when we did a little remodel I painted my kitchen hutch ( after I tried to  sell it on Craig's list and had no takers !) My kids didn't even want it for free :) A little homemade chalk paint and I love it ! It is another of my favorite places to decorate for the seasons! I am going to paint my kitchen table ..not liking the oak at all .. trying to decide the same cream as the hutch or the grey I used inside the hutch .. Hoping to get that done in the next week! So what do you think ? Grey or cream ?

 This was it in all its oak glory :)

 Much better now! I filled it with snowman ..snowman plates , transferware with a winter scene and of course some chickens ..Those Little snowman cups were 99 cents at the Goodwill .. I also keep moving that Winter stitchy wreath between the hutch and the wall ..

The galvanized tiered tray ..another favorite seasonal decoration spot..okay all the decorations are my favorites!
Love all the cute snowmen! For the past couple years the snowmen have not come out with the Christmas decorations ..I save them for January and February ..
 This vignette has one of my vintage scales , a snowman plate and cookie jar ..another cow creamer ( they keep multiplying !), bottle brush trees, plaid ribbon, faux cotton branches and snowy greenery ..I still have 3 trees up ..the ice skate tree that you can see here is in the dining room..the snowman tree in the family room and a little tree in the foyer..still loving all the Winter decorations!The Winter Seasons in Chalk hangs on the dining room wall connected to the kitchen ..
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Pondside said...

Your kitchen is so pretty on all its wintry decoration. I particularly lie the chalkboard. The table? I vote for grey!

Barb said...

What a beautiful kitchen. I wish you lived closer, I would pay you to come and give me ideas on how to decorate for seasons. Did you ever consider doing this for a living? I think you would do very well!! But that just might take the fun out of it.

Kris said...

I love all of your winter accents! Amazing what a little paint can do to breathe new life into an old piece! I love the hutch! And the table will look great painted too. I vote cream.
Have a good day.
xo Kris

Unknown said...

I like how you keep the winter theme into February, especially where you live. Paint the table cream or paint a chair grey and decide? Love your style!
Kathleen in Az

Sandi Magle said...

Very cute----I just packed away the last of my snowmen mugs away for the season. We are redoing our seasonal storage areas---and needed the totes back where they belong. So now I can get my Snowman fix at your place, Grins, Sandi

janicek said...

So adorable! Now I wish I had left my snowmen out through January! I think a lovely gray would be perfect for your table - isn't it remarkable what a coat of paint can do!

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

I just love all of your adorable snowmen and your galvanized tired tray is looks perfect on your counter. I had an oak table I updated a few years ago. I actually sanded it down to remove the finish and then re stained it. I was lucky because it must have been made with different woods and so the table has a bit of a rustic modeled look. You have such a pretty and cozy kitchen to ride out the cold winter months ahead!
XO Barbara

Julie said...

You inspire me, Priscilla! I have been enjoying your blog for a long time, but have not left a comment before. Shame on me! Thank you for sharing your talents and the beauty of your home with us! I look forward to your posts and hope to include some of your ideas in our home! Thanks so much! Julie

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

O how wintry fun ! I love it all , so cheery ! I love your table as is but Id vote gray ! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ hugs Angela

Carol said...

Such warm and welcoming displays throughout your kitchen, Priscilla! I don't know about the color for your table. Gray would stand up better to wear and tear, but I think I like the white better in the long run--good luck with whatever you choose :)

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I just adore all of your snow men and WInter decor!! It looks so charming in your beautiful Kitchen!!


Unknown said...

I really enjoy looking at what you did to your kitchen for the winter. I showed my wife and I'm hoping she does something similar as it is very festive. I love the holidays and so does my wife and kids. It is a great joy to see we are not the only ones who enjoy this particular time of year.

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express