Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Stitchy Vignette Tour

Good morning! 
Since it's the last day of January I thought I would give you a winter stitchy tour :)
So last year I was all about the Year in Chalk from Hands On Design ..I could not wait to stitch it (me and chalkboards) :) I didn't receive the chart until January was over so this is the first time it has been on display for the month of January..It is in a pedestal frame from Michael's..mounted on black gingham..and sits in the foyer..
With Thy Needle and Threads January wordplay..Country Cottage Needleworks January cottage..and Lizzie Kate's 4 seasons Winter all are on display in the family room on the side table.. A vintage scale ..stack of coverless books.. greenery and white lights ..Tress snowflakes ..pine cones and a few cute deer round out the vignette

The deer came from Cracker Barrel this year ..they are ornaments and I just tucked the string to hang them behind them..
Little house Needleworks Woodland Sampler

Prairie Schooler Prairie Seasons Winter added to a grapevine wreath ..Love this wreath so much hanging on the kitchen hutch ..It doesn't hurt that I love everything in the cabinet behind the wreath either!

 In the galvanized tiered tray there is a little ornament from a Just Cross Stitch older ornament issue .. not sure if its Little House or Country Cottage Needleworks..And the Seasons in Chalk Winter (Hands On Design and Me from the current Just Cross Stitch Magazine) hangs on the dining room wall ..

Another piece in the foyer is Snow Sampler from Country Cottage Needleworks..

So right now I am stitching the 6th Seasons in Chalk ( hands on Design and me Just Cross Stitch Magazine)  wish I could show you :) but at least you get to see the colors! ( and a whole lot of dog hair on my fabric !)
and I have also started Santa's Village as one piece .. hoping to do one a month ..and I am also going to start Frosty Forest from Country Cottage Needleworks but that one will be done each chart separate . I have really fun finishing ideas for them both that I hope work out ...
Pretty soon it will be time to bring out the Spring stitching!
So that's it for today ..Ronnie and Reagan say Hi !
 Have a great day!

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Thanks so much for all your visits and sweet comments !

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Shelia said...

Your little stitcheries are just so sweet! You must have a bundle of energy! :) I love all of your vignettes you put together too! Thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Deb said...

Love your charming home. :))) Deb


Your home looks adorable, so inviting and warm; very charming indeed. Your stitchery is wonderful, I so love to stitch too. I am always saying I should take up a project, but don't as of yet.
Have a great week ahead.

Janice K said...

I always eagerly await your beautiful posts! I just finished Country Cottage February and even got it mounted (a miracle for sure). Have you seen the Frosted Pumpkin SAL - I haven't started the first one yet but that's next on my list. You continue to be sooo inspirational!

Betty said...

I love your winter decorating. Usually after christmas everything looks so cold and dull at our home. Not your place, it looks so festive for the winter season.

Kris said...

So much fun stuff going on in your stitchy world! Love the deer!! Love that your designs have been published...Love that you can work on Christmas stitcheries, even after Christmas! I can't do Christmas work after the fact. Weird, I know.
I missed the previous post, and the new table looks spectacular! Love it!
xo Kris

Barb said...

You have the best way to show your stitching! I bought the Just Cross Stitch at Barnes and Noble just to get your design. Congratulations for being chosen . I love the design!

Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for the tour of your winter displays, Priscilla! I look forward to seeing how you are going to finish Frosty Forest and Santa's Village.

Unknown said...

You have a warm and wonderful home full of beautiful handmade stitchery. Love how your doggies keep you company, adds to the warmth.
Kathleen in Az

Jenny said...

I love to see your decorating ideas. Everything you do for the season seems to go together so well - although I'm sure a lot of planning and effort went into it all.
Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us.

Anonymous said...

I want your house. I have not one place I could do a display like that - and it is a gorgeous tribute to January. Thanks for sharing your beautiful winter stitcheries.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I love all your beautiful stitcheries!! You are so talented. I would lose my eye sight and my patience doing those!!

I hope you did not mind me stalking you...LOL!! But I did want to catch up on your posts....

Lulu said...

With all your special creations, it looks like you do keep your hands busy.

Carol said...

As always, your displays look fabulous, Priscilla--and even more special with the addition of your stitchy finishes :)

Happy February to you--hope it is filled with lots of creative time!