Thursday, January 3, 2019

Recipes from 2018

Good morning!
Here is a trip through all the recipes I shared on the blog in 2018 and a couple from previous years!

First up strawberry freezer jam .. which I have no more of because of furnace/freezer breakdown ! BOO!

Zucchini cassserole! Love this stuff!

Quick and easy chicken caprese .. Love this too ! Can't wait for summer!

Grilled lemon chicken and "white sauce" 

Quick and easy sausage and peppers pasta .. I might make this today :)

Mustard roasted potatoes 

This one is from a couple years ago .. the two breakfast casseroles we make for Christmas morning ...

and of course my Yard Sauce .. which I made so many batches of but only have a couple bags left because of the furnace/ freezer debacle .. BOOOOO!
Hopefully in 2019 there will be more recipes to share with you! Can't wait for it to be gardening season!

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Kathy said...

Thanks for putting them all in one place! It’s been great to see how you recap your year.
My heart sank when you talked about the freezer malfunction on the podcast.

Pam said...

What a wonderful gift to your readers, to put them all in one place to kick off the new year. Thank you!!

Chrie said...

Thank you for all of your inspiration, including these yummy recipes! Happy New year to you and all of your wonderful family!

Candee said...

I recently found your blog and enjoy it so much. Love your decorating style and now looking forward to trying your recipes. I was surprised to see you aren’t far away if you pick strawberries in Bristol. I’m just over the border in Spring Grove, IL. Thank you for all the inspiration neighbor!