Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Frasier Fir 2016

I am here to share our only real tree out of the 13.. Every year we get a Frasier Fir.. This year I thought it was looking a little small .. but its pretty big.. and was big enough to hold all the ornaments..and there is a lot of ornaments.. this tree holds all the collected over the years family ornaments.. plus stitched ornaments and some vintage ornaments!

 It sits in the tree stand which gets put in a thrifted galvanized tub...there are both white lights and colored lights on the tree..

 I showed my neighbor a photo of a primitive wooden star and she said her husband could make it for me .. An hour later with a little stain and drybrushed cream color paint it was up on top of the tree. I added some faux cotton stems and red berries to finish off the star tree topper... I love it and think it looks perfect on top of the tree!
 There are 4 trees in the living room... 2 with the village and the big flocked one here on the front right..

 A Mickey ornament from Disney World..
 I found this really wide ribbon at Michael's a couple weeks ago for 70% off and used it to wind through the tree. it;s like a burlap with red glitter stripes ,,

Lots of homemade ornaments ..these 2 are both from Country Cottage Needleworks..
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Colleen said...

Absolutely do you have the energy to put together so many trees? They are all beautiful. I have one 4 foot tree sitting on a round table and that is all I have managed to get done so far. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!

candace v. said...


Myra said...

Incredibly beautiful.

Kathleen George said...

Open House! And there will be plenty of readers appreciating your handwork and designs. Seriously, but then I live in Az, so I'll just admire from afar.
You are very creative, Kathleen in Az

BarberryLane Designs said...

wow, I just finished our new tree with one sixth of the usual amount of ornaments---and here you have gone whole hog with FOUR gorgeous trees. Such fun, I bet every visitor just oogles as each of your trees is more gorgeous than the next. MERRIEST of Christmas's! Thanks, Sandi

Carol said...

Such a gorgeous tree, Priscilla! I imagine walking through your house feels like being in a Christmas wonderland :)

Karen said...

That is a gorgeous tree!