Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Family Scrapbook Tree..

Good morning!
The family scrapbook tree is one of the 4 in the family room.. yesterday I showed you the snowman tree and this one sits on the other side of the fireplace..
 All the photo ornaments my kids made at school over the years are on this tree ..
 along with all the wallet size photos and some of our favorite pictures..
 For the ones I made I covered cardboard with scrapbook paper and added ribbons and buttons.. I think I am going to make a bunch more this year in a different style to break it up more.. The kids all love this tree rotates so it is covered front and back with the ornaments.I bought this tree at Hobby Lobby( after Christmas sale for $13.00) many years ago is prelit so every year I worry that it won't light up!
I made the topper from patterned cardstock ..using the score and fold method ..then gluing the ends together , makes a rosette.. A heavy cardboard tube from a roll of decomesh sits in between the 2 rosettes so that it can slip on the top branch of the tree... The chalkboard that hangs on the wall into the kitchen and a view of the fireplace and the 2 trees.. I made the tree skirt from ripped strips of muslin that I glued onto a tree skirt shaped piece of felt ..

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Kathleen George said...

The Christmas family tree is precious, full of family memories. Hi Ronnie:). Kathleen in Az

Carol said...

I'm sure the kids and grandkids have a wonderful time recalling their lives at the ages these photos were taken. Love the idea of a family tree :)

Debra Brod said...

Sweet memories. We have our memory tree with all the boys’ creations and ornaments. We hang our beloved rainbow bridge greyhounds’collars on the tree as well. It’s a tree that makes us all smile and she’d a tear or two. 💕🎄💕

Maggee said...

This is a great idea on how to decorate a tree! It looks so good! Great job! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!