Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lantern Lane

 G00d morning!
Little House Needleworks Lantern Lane is finished and hanging on the wall! Can you  believe it!?!
I found this wood piece at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect for it!
 These are the floss colors I used.. I did switch the eggshell to Khaki Mocha.. I did the alphabet and the inside of the date plaque in the black is stitched on 28 count tea/coffee dyed Monaco .

 I added a little chalkboard to the top.. 2 pine branches woven through the slats and the piece is mounted with magnets so I can reuse the wood piece..
 It is hanging on the wall of the staircase going up.. and just looks perfect and amazing there!
 I wanted there to be more black in the design because I love red and black together in Christmas decor.. and yes I do try to follow trends in decorating .. 

 The flocked branches and berries mixed with the plaid ribbon is a fabulous mix for Christmas decor. I am so glad I got this finished up and hanging on the wall.. It is a gorgeous piece! Don't mind the knicks on the wall...we have had some construction going on upstairs and our walls have taken a beating.. after Christmas lots of painting needs to happen around here!

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Christine said...

I can't believe that you not only finished the stitching but actually finished it into this beautiful piece. Love the wood you used! It will look great during lots of seasons! Can't wait to see what you do with it next! :0) Have a wonderful Holiday with your family!

Faye Riggsbee said...

The arched wood is perfect for this piece to be mounted on Priscilla! I love the black chalk up top popping out also...Your eye for detail is incredible and such an inspiration to so many~ I look forward to seeing more of your creations in 2018.... Merry Christmas to you and yours🎄 Faye
Carolina Stitcher

Jo Anne Hayon said...

This is beautiful! The finished piece is simply gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you and you family and happy stitching in 2018.

Kathleen George said...

Your eye for putting the finishing touch on your stitchery is perfect:).
Kathleen in Az

Pam in Virginia said...

This is another beautiful piece showing your talent and creativity, and I'm in total awe! It's just beautiful.

Carol said...

An absolute beauty, Priscilla! It amazes me how you can just look at a piece of wood or old cast-off whatever and have the vision to see how it will perfectly finish off your stitching! So talented :)

Wishing you and your lovely family a truly joy-filled Christmas!

grayline said...

My Christmas morning routine is as follows:I pretend I am still asleep until about10:00 (we have no small children- just BIG ones).When I get up, I have to eat something (I tell them I need the strength).And they all sit around glaring at me, as I slowly sip my cup of tea.Then I ask them all what they would like for breakfast (which slows up the process a little more). 'Funny how no one seems to be hungry!So I continue my slow pace by asking everyone to get dressed,& they take off in a flash.Then, I check with them about teeth brushed?, hair combed?, shoes & socks on? Finally, I get one gift from under the tree & we watch it being opened. This is repeated until all gifts have been opened, and it is almost time for our Christmas dinner. (In other words, I drag it on for as long as possible! After dinner,we play Christmas Bingo, and eat a bunch of dessert. Then we sit around & tell what our favorite part of the day was. Now that I've written this "novel", please, please can I win the Farmhouse patterns? You see I've turned our home into a "FAUX FARM" &it's wonderful!!!!!!I have cows everywhere! Well, have a very Moory Christmas! from Cathy Robinson. (Love your Sat. Flosstube videos.)

Deborah Tate said...

While your vision and creativity are always inspiring, this is a stunning display. I originally had not intended to stitch this because, frankly, I have dozens of WIPs all over the place and it's depressing, but I can't resist this. Beautiful finish!!