Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Little Fall Wreath

Hello friends!
My daughter stitched this Country Cottage Needleworks Seasonal Celebrations ( the top portion only) and I finished it into a wreath for her. We had used this wreath for the Summer chart , using ribbon to tie it to the wreath....but I thought it would be better to use burlap for the background and add sheet metal to the back of the stitching and a magnet to the burlap for easy changing out for the seasons..
She hangs the wreath on the hutch in her kitchen.. The fall leaves are just stuck into the wreath not glued so they can also be changed.
There is a piece of sticky board with burlap.. on top of that is a magnet.. I mounted the stitched piece to sticky board and also the plaid homespun to another piece of sticky board. Those 2 pieces were glued together..I use hot glue.. and then a small piece of sheet metal to the back of that.  That way each season can be switched up in about 2 minutes!
There is a new video the link below!

This weeks video...

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Kathleen George said...

Oh my! A cute little Autumnal stichery, love the colors and pattern:). Your daughter's hutch is perfect to hang the wreath on.
Kathleen in Az

Barb said...

A cute design and I loved the video!!It looks great on the hutch! I am going to look for a video on how you do the wreaths.

Kris said...

You girls are gonna make a stitcher out of me yet! I loved the video. I love your banter!

Carol said...

How cute is that!! And I've enjoyed watching the two of you on Flosstube. I'm sure having each other makes it not so scary :)