Sunday, August 27, 2017


Good morning friends!
My daughter finished stitching this October Wordplay from With Thy Needle and Thread yesterday in true Mom fashion I finished it up for her.
When we were at the flea market a couple weeks ago I found a couple old trays for $1.00 each so that is what we used. She painted the bottom with chalkboard paint .. I mounted the design on sticky board , and then another sticky board piece got covered with homespun plaid. Then hot glued the 2 pieces together.
I added 2 magnets on the back of it to attach to the metal tray. I also made a bow from burlap and added a fall pic that looks like crookedy tree branches.. I glued those 2 things to a magnet so that can be changed out for the months too..
My Wordplay charts are all displayed on an old tray too , but with the addition of the decoration on a magnet I am going to have to get busy and gussy mine up!

Love how it turned out ...can't wait for October to decorate for Halloween! If you haven't seen it yet come on over and watch our latest video! Priscilla and Chelsea
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Janice Kramer said...

Yay for Chelsea!! That Word Play is so adorable. I do love the addition of the burlappy bow and what a great idea to put that on a magnet too. Your Flosstube was just delightful as usual ;). Have a wonderful Sunday (time to Santa stitch)!

Kathleen George said...

I love the Wordplay patterns, especially the months. How fun that you're sewing and crafting with your daughter:). My mom and sister work on projects too:).
Kathleen in Az

Barb said...

I do love the word play designs. It must be fun to have a hobby so in common with your daughter!

shirley flavell said...

It looks fabulous.Loved your video, you are such fun and so enjoyable to listen to.

Cindy Rasley said...

So fun !