Sunday, November 10, 2019

Two Jolly July Ornaments

Good morning!
Here are 2 more Jolly July ornaments .. stitched by Chelsea and finished by me! 
First up is Country Cottage Needleworks Holly Jolly .. Chelsea changed the colors to be more red / black like buffalo plaid
to finish the ornament I mounted the stitching to sticky board .. I also mounted red/ black plaid fabric to sticky board and glued them together . I made 2 bows buffalo check ribbon and one black and white check ribbon .. I added a wooden star that I topped with a cutout of black check fabric cut in a star shape ..

This is Be Joyful from Heart In Hand Needleart .. floss colors were also changed on this from  aqua  pink colorway to a red and green ..

I mounted the stitching on sticky board with 2 layers of batting underneath .. I added red / white plaid to sticky board and glued the 2 pieces together ... I added a red polka dot bow and a covered button in the same white /red plaid .. flocked greenery finished off the ornament ..

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Unknown said...

Super cute! You do beautiful work!

Martha said...

Love the colors in the floss and bows. I’m using your Be Merry CC floss pack to stitch my Christmas ornaments. Never ever made ornaments before this year. Thanks for inspiring so many to beautify their homes.

Sam I Am...... said...

So cute! You do such beautiful finishing work and Chelsea does lovely stitching too! I did vote for you in the blog contest....I hope you deserve it!

Stamper D said...

Your finishes are always amazing! I live everyone! Chelsea's stitching is beautiful!

Jackie said...

Beautiful finishes! I voted for you. Good luck!

Barb said...

Wonderful ornaments! I saw your family on Instagram. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!