Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A Snowman Grater

Good morning!
It is a snowy one here!
I found this vintage mini cheese grater at the Goodwill a couple weeks ago and when I got this cute little Ready Set Snow chart from Hands on Design I knew I wanted to use it on the grater ..

***Please remember if you copy my finishing ideas that you be considerate and give a link to my blog or facebook page..****

I mounted the stitching to sticky board ..and used torn homespun to ruffle around it .. I added a buffalo check bow and flocked greenery that I attached to the grater with a pipe cleaner .. The stitching is attached with a magnet .. A big black gingham check covered button finishes it off
I used Classic Colorworks Bamboo.. Black Coffee ..and Licorice Red 
We are supposed to have about 7 new inches on top of the 7 we got the other day so lots of snow! It is so pretty!
Have a great day ! I am off to stitch some Farmhouse Chalk... LIKE IT'S MY JOB :) Haha!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Pam in Virginia said...

Another clever and captivating finish using ordinary household items!

Ellen Weaver said...

Another great finish. Love this idea!

BrendaS said...

Where are you that you're getting all that beautiful snow?

Hamutal Shafrir said...

How brilliant and sweet!!

Susan Piovesan said...

Another great idea Priscilla. I need to pay more attention when I go shopping and think out-of-the-box like you!! So cute.

Karleen said...

Just love your ideas. I do have a question. When cutting your mounting boards do you use a scissor or paper cutter? My hand gets tired when I use a scissor and am thinking of buying a paper cutter but not sure which one to get. Thanks for your response.

Mechelle Siudy said...

Not sure where to ask questions other than here. I'm just getting back into stitching after a lengthy break. I have a bit of DMC but no specialty threads, like Classic Colorworks. If I want to do a chart, like All Bundled Up! by With Thy Needle & Thread, can it be done with DMC and be presentable? I have so much to relearn. Thanks for your advice.

Barb said...

What a great way to display the stitching. I have a few old graters. I will have to look at them in a new way.

Karie said...

Oh what beauty. Love the things you create. I have actually stitched some of your same ones. Just beautiful. Karie