Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bunny Love!

 Happy Wednesday!
I finished stitched With Thy Needle and Thread , Easter Parade today and got it all finished up and displayed!
 I found this frame at Walmart last Fall.. it is plastic and was gold.. I painted it with black chalkpaint and then white chalkpaint .. it is amazing! It looks vintage but it is definitely not!
 I stitched this adorable rabbit and chick on 28 count tea/ coffee dyed Monaco .. I changed a lot of colors and those are all shown above.. I used 3 layers of batting and just sewed it around the backing of the frame .. I added a tan gingham bow to the top with a couple peachy pink tulips draped down .. its adorable !

****Please remember if you copy my finishing ideas that you be considerate and give a link to my blog or facebook page..****
thanks so much for stopping by! Hope your week is going great!

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Karen Gieselman said...

This came out so stinking cute! You are making want to do that and a couple others you have done. I still have not stitched the With Thy Needle patterns from Halloween! ((hugs))

Mary in AR said...

So very cute! I think I saw that frame (or a similar one) in Walmart this past weekend. Now I just need to order the pattern. Luv seeing your work and decor!

gmp said...

Oh, it just looks so perfect in the frame with your finishing touches! I love it!!💜

Darlene Gardner said...

Love your color changes - yours just seems brighter! And of course, I love the way you finished it.

Saphire18` said...

I am doing Easter peep. I wish I would have changed it from 1 thread over 1 thread. Too tedious. Will be redoing it in 28 count and change threads and use some fancy floss. Love yours!

Barb said...

What a perfect project for this time of year. I love both the rabbit and the cute chick! As usual, great finishing.

Kathleen George said...

Too adorable! Love the Spring colors.
Kathleen in Az

Joan said...

Oh my gosh, that bunny on a chick is so cute! I love how you finished it and decorated your frame.

Sandy said...

So very adorable and of course, Ronnie is just so sweet and cute too.

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chasity said...

Love your flosstube! I never can comment always gives me an error message but my daughter and I watch every week!

Carol said...

That is adorable--and I can't believe that was a plastic frame! You've painted is up so well, you would never know :) Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Priscilla!

Judy Walker said...

I found this frame at my Walmart this past weekend on a sale rack. It was meant to be for me to stitch and finish this design.

Maggee said...

What a really cute finish! Love the painted frame--you did a great job on it! Hugs!

Josie0602 said...

I am having trouble seeing the tags on the floss. Is there a list of the colors you used? Did you only use 10 colors in instead of 14? I love yours choices!

gmp said...

I just finished the Easter Parade, but using DMC floss. I cannot believe just how far off the colors were. I should have paid more attention when I started pulling the colors. Oh well, the stitching is finished, but I wouldn’t bother going any further with it. Lesson learned!!