Friday, October 27, 2017

Pumpkin Carving 2017

Good morning!
It is only 5 days til Halloween! Ronnie says "Come on over!"
Yesterday the pumpkins got carved... This pumpkin topiary by the front door is one of my favorites ever! I use white Christmas lights to light up the pumpkins..
 This is the other Pumpkin topiary I made ..and its for my love of gardening..
Here they are all lined up for the Trick ot Treaters!

 Here are a few of my favorites.. an owl
 A witch with a gourd for a nose
 Good old Frankenstein
 a bee
 the pumpkin munching pumpkin

 These spell out Boo! Chelsea used the drill to make these

 another owl.. I might carve a few more this weekend if I have time!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I am off to make the cookies!
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Cathy Slater said...

I am a huge fan! I follow you on IG Facebook and your blog. And I just discovered Flosstube. I'm up to #5 and I have to tell you....You and Chelsea are naturals and so cute!! I often pause so I can write down all the cute projects you have going and your finishes are amazing! Such good ideas...keep up the good work!! Looking forward to many more

LoriU said...

Wow that is a lot of carving! All super cute too! You must have either (1) a sore hand or (2) a lot of pumpkin seeds to roast....or both! LOL!! I'm sure all the little trick or treaters will love it. Great idea to use white lights inside - no worries of costumes catching on fire!

Kathleen George said...

You have a Happy Halloween home to go trick or treating:). Love all the pumpkins and Ronnie will help give out the treats! Kathleen in Az

Joan said...

Love them all!!! Your decorating is so fun and gorgeous. Is that a Halloween decorated tree I spy inside your home?! It looks so pretty. Thanks for posting your creations - love to watch you and your daughter.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The pumpkins are amazing. So many of them carved. OMG, cookies. yummy

DianeM said...

What a beautiful display....LOVE IT!!

shirley flavell said...

Oohh wow, that is amazing Priscilla. You will be needing a holiday after all the work you are doing for Halloween. An absolute treat to see.

Barb said...

I would drive miles to see your yard, but not quite from Seattle. Just wonderful!! I am also enjoying the flosstubes you do with Chelsea.

Debbie Martin said...

Where do you find the time for all this? Its beautiful! I have a hard time just keeping my house clean much less such beautiful outdoor things. Do you sleep? Lol Thank you for sharing. Everything is beautiful!

Karleen said...

The pumpkins are really great. Love all the carving, Just wonderful. Thanks for showing all this to us.

Enamul Haque said...

Thanks for these scary pumpkin carving ideas 2018 . This year i would like to try this ideas.