Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good Morning !

We are in Southern California for the weekend ..I took this photo at Redondo Beach .. Love the reflection of the sunset in the windows of this house !
I stitched my way from Illinois to California on this Prairie Schooler Christmas piece ..loving this design!
I hope to start my Christmas posts this week since I am almost finished decorating ! 
This flocked tree came to live at our house this week.. Love flocked trees :) so that meant we had to move a tree that was already decorated since this one was too big for the dining room! Have a great Sunday !


Barb said...

Lucky you in sunny California. I love that PS also. Can't wait to see all the decorating!

Anonymous said...

California looks wonderful! We bought a flocked Christmas tree last year and I absolutely love it..enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Pat said...

Summer has also come to South Africa, long warm days and beautiful clear evenings! I love your stitchery .. very festive Pat x

C M Designs said...

I love your new Prairie Schooler stitchery piece.. Your home is going to be a Christmas "wonderland", I can just tell.
You have beautiful pieces to display.. I love Fitz and Floyd too. Don't have any but have see many lovely pieces.. Very nice to collect..
Lost my computer for a while but am back to try to keep up with all of your festive d├ęcor..
Charlotte in Virginia

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Good grief, you did all this decorating AND traveled??/ You are wonder woman!!!