Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Fraser Fir

Good morning! 
It is all about the only real tree in the house today..

White lights and colored lights are both on the tree...

Red glitter striped wide burlap ribbon is the garland
Lots of stitched ornaments.. handmade ornaments from my kids when they were little.. ornaments from places we have visited.. lots of memories on this tree..
that elf riding a reindeer ornament was on my parents tree.. it is adorable!
I measured the front of the tree and it is 88 inches across the front ..7 and a 13 feet ..It is a big one!~

In front of the tree is a vintage childs wheelbarrow filled with a handmade wooden Santa .. a wool quilt from my husbands grandmother and lots of ornaments..

It sits in a vintage galvanized bucket.. we had problems getting it to stand up because the trunk is forked.. there are 2 stems in there! So we have weights from the weight bench in the bucket with it!
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Kathleen George said...

Your parents ornament is cute:). Your tree full of memory ornaments is big and beautiful!
Merry Christmas Ronnie!
Kathleen in Az

Barbi said...

Just perfect! We used to struggle with big trees too not standing up properly, or toppling over, not fitting in the usual stand. Mom and I used to use a big pickling pot. You know the black one with the white flecks? And then we would use barbell weights to weight it down and then to straighten it, most times we would put in canned veggies and baked beans from the pantry to jig it straight! LOL Thanks for bringing back a Christmas memory for me. LOL

LeShawn said...

I just love each post you make. Every FlossTube, every Instagram. Just you and your daughter are amazing. You are such an inspiration to me. I want to be like you when I grow up and I am 45. LMAO. But just wanted to say you are an amazing stitcher and thank you for posting your lovely decorations. So beautiful.

connie said...

Love all your trees and decorations..Your little Ronnie is so sweet ...I want to kiss her little head.. :-)