Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas in the Kitchen

 Good morning!
One of my favorite rooms to decorate for any holiday is our kitchen... The hutch gets a lot of Christmas Love!
A plate stand by the sink filled with Christmas and vintage farm goodies..
 the galvanized tiered tray mainly sits on the end of the counter ...but sometimes takes center stage on the table..
 It is filled with so many wonderful vintage pieces!

 Lots of stitched pieces on display... Tis  the Season, Country Cottage Needleworks.. Santa on the tray is Prairie Schooler.. and my chalk to cross stitch collaboration with Hands on Design, Let It Snow Bungalow
today those counters will be filled with cookies! 
 here are some of last years cookies...
 This wreath hangs on the basement door.. Wonderful Time of Year .. Country Cottage Needleworks
The chalkboard that gets changed out for the seasons on the wall into the kitchen..
 I love vintage scales ...and there are 2 in the kitchen..

 There are wreaths in each window...
 the chalkboard tree sits on a vintage crate next to the hutch ...I love my kitchen ..if I could just convince my husband to paint the cherry cabinets it would be perfect! :)
Time to get the cookies baked! 
Thank you so much for all your visits and comments!
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Unknown said...

I can just picture you baking Christmas cookies in your charming Christmas kitchen with Christmas music in the background:). And of course Ronnie being the QC manager:).
Have fun, Kathleen in Az

Karen Gieselman said...

I feel so at home here and would love to watch and learn as you make cookies. Thanks again for sharing. I shared your Christmas tour with some family yesterday that do not stitch and they were just in awe.

Jannie said...

Priscilla thie Cookie display EVERY year, plus now your holiday house tour are the blogs I send out. My friends ooh and ah and marvel at those posts (as do I). I don’t know how you decorate so much and so tastefully done and not looking cluttered. Can’t wait to see the cookies. Thx!

molleydzigns said...

I am fairly new to your blog, while I love every post...this one is absolutely dreamy. Your home is beautiful and you are soooo talented. Thanks for the cheer filled pictures today!!
Merry Christmas

Ingius said...

I think that I just found my dream kitchen :) Beautiful.

Shelia said...

Oh, Priscilla, I just love your lovely kitchen all Christmased up!! Your cookies look just amazing! With all of your baking, decorating and stitching - when do you sleep? :) I don't know if I've told you but I have discovered Flosstube with you and your darling daughter. I've looked at some others but yours is my very favorite! Merry Christmas and I sure wish I could eat one of your beautiful cookies!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Susan Lankford said...

LOVE looking through your beautifully decorated kitchen! What memories for you and your family...I know it represents years of collecting and stitching!

Susan said...

Your work is beautiful and I love your Flosstube. The Prairie Schooler on the tray, about half way through the post, which one is it? Thanks