Monday, February 25, 2013

Dishcloths..remodel..and Santa

 It is Monday again! Thanks for visiting :) I did a little crocheting this week and made myself 6 new dishcloths.. I love using these to wash dishes , they work really well !

 Last week we got recessed lighting installed in the living room, dining room and foyer. The rest of the walls came down ( what a mess) and we ripped out the carpet and baseboards. This week the drywallers are supposed to start on Wednesday.
 This is the paint and carpet we are going with. It is hard to tell but its a grayish aqua paint .. the walls are now a sage green.
 The kitchen is so much brighter because of the larger opening into the dining room.

 Hard to believe that 2 weeks ago there was a wall here :)
 The opening into the kitchen from foyer was also enlarged.. We are going to need a new kitchen table that is smaller so it doesn't stick out. I am thinking a round one with a leaf for when we have more people here.

 The doorway from kitchen to dining room was enlarged about 3 1/2 feet ..It makes a huge difference.
 I have a couple more Prairie Schooler Santas finished and another about halfway done.
Thank you for your visits and nice comments ! I really appreciate them :)
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Kate said...

Cute dishcloths! I like the color.
Your renovations are going great. Looking forward to seeing them done (I'm sure you are too!).
And your Santas are very nice :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the dishcloths. I knit mine and even my husband commented that they are the best for cleaning dishes!

Carol said...

I'll bet you can hardly wait to see your newly configured rooms, Priscilla! And to think you continue your crocheting and stitching amidst all of the dust--you are one dedicated crafter :)

Unknown said...

the discloths are so cheerful! they're my favorite discloths, too.
Your kitchen remodel looks wonderful and a lovely job you've done on your Santas. Nice work!

Barb said...

Your renovations are so great, all that dust will be worth it! Love the PS Santas.

Astri said...

Great dishcloths! BIG house project!

Kris said...

Oh how exciting with the remodel!
I love my knitted and crochet dish cloths. They are the best!
xo Kris

Lisa said...

My mom always made this type of dish cloth. She is very ill with cancer now and is unable to crochet anymore. I'll always associate them with her :)
Hugs from the enchanted oven,

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Can't wait to see every thing finished up, and I'm sure you can't wait either! Remodeling is a true labor of love, drives you crazy during the process, but is so worth it once it's finished! said...

Wow! Your new space is going to be amazing! And, as for those dishcloths, they are my favorite! I need to make a few new ones for myself! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness - your craft list looks like mine! LOL I feel your pain in the remodel but it's looking really nice! Glad I found your blog ... looking forward to seeing more.

Karie said...

Your dishcloths are beautiful. I love crocheted ones. I am so glad I found your blog. The work you are doing in your home is a big undertaking. Good luck! Karie

Siobhán said...

You are so brave with all that remodeling! I think I'd have breathing problems if I saw the wall being knocked down, but then be obsessing about how I'd decorate afterwards. LOL I can't wait to see the after pics. Lovely crochet and stitching projects!

Ana BC said...

Wonderful dish cloth collection! I have heard so much about them...I have to try... Hope your remodelling is going great...and speedy ;-)

Anonymous said...

How was the remodeling? I'm getting excited for you! It’s really exhilarating to see the outcome of a successful remodel! I'm obsessed with decorating and every time I get the chance, I go to Pinterest and scan for awesome furniture that I want to have. I can't wait to see the after pictures! Good luck!

Mya Chandler