Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All the grannies are finished !

I finished all the grannies last night .. so much faster to only do a bunch of 2 round grannies then add the 3rd color as you go. I used the join as you go method for putting it together ! Its very cloudy here (60 degrees in January in Chicago ? ) so the colors don't look as bright as they really are.

 I still have to decide on the border , I am thinking of doing the ruffled edge again like I did on the Flower blanket  Flower blanket border , but trying to do 2 diffeent colors of ruffled edging . Then the favorite ( NOT) job of sewing in the ends ! If any of you have a border that you think would be good on this blanket please leave me a comment !

This is what happens when you leave your project on the couch .. It just amazes me that they cover themselves up. Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments ! Have a great week !
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Siobhán said...

Wow, Priscilla, it's gorgeous!! Beautiful work. I love the picture of the dogs snuggled up in it. You definitely get their seal of approval! ;)

Heather - The Good Life said...

Very pretty! I really like the ruffled border you linked in the post; a granny stitch border would look nice too with your squares. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will look great! Have a nice day, Heather

Kris said...

Priscilla, it is gorgeous! It is a nice size too! When you say, join as you go, does that mean you single crochet the edges together? I love this. Did you use worsted weight or DK? Is this a keeper, or a gift?
Love it!!!
xo Kris

Lisa said...

Wow, what a beautiful and colourful blanket. A lot of work.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful and I love seeing how your little fuzzy faces are all comfy wrapped up in it.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kate said...

Beautiful! I love all the colors. And your two furry friends are the best addition!
Blessings :-)

Carol said...

Just lovely, Priscilla!! I adore the photo of your cute puppies buried in the blanket, too--so adorable :)

Elisabeth said...

Lovely blanket, Priscilla! It must have taken you so long. I don't envy you weaving in all those ends :) xx

Anonymous said...

Tons of hours went into this project. You can tell! Very nice!

S. B. said...

Que belo trabalho das vovós!
abraços :-)