Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Two Red White and Bloom’s

Good morning! 
Look at these beauties! These are both Red White and Bloom from Country Cottage Needleworks ..

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This first one is Chelsea's .. stitched on 28 count Monaco .. coffee tea dyed with called for fancy floss..I mounted it on sticky board .. added red gingham checks to another piece of sticky board ..and then one more sticky board was cut to fit the back of the vintage frame .. that one was covered in blue gingham checks .. the vintage frame was painted with Chalky paint  Picket Fence ..I added a row of daisy trim around the stitching and a bow made from 2 different ribbons with a daisy on top ...It is fabulous in person!

This big one is Denise's from Fat Quarter Shop .. It is stitched on 10 count Vintage Cloth from Lori Holt ..using Aurifloss threads ..Was stitched on 10 count Oatmeal using Aurifloss colors 6722, 2134, 2270, 1125, 2884, 2610. I used six strands and replaced the brown border with 2610. This will be a kit available at the Fat Quarter Shop once they get the 10 count fabric back in stock . She got the frame at Hobby Lobby .. I mounted the stitching on sticky board with batting underneath ,, added the red fabric to another sticky board and glued them together . I used 3 different ribbons for the bow and added a daisy with a covered button in my favorite blue plaid! This one is amazing also!

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Patriotic Home Tour 

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Kristin McCollor said...

Thank you for posting how you finish all your finishes and finishes for others. Your blog is a great reference for those of us who have trouble picking out a paint color for a wall, let alone think about being creative with a finish. I just get excited now about finishes!

Barb said...

I love them both!! I so enjoyed your patriotic tour!! Even my DH joined me watching it!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful! Do you still crochet too?

Lisa said...

These are beautiful! Do you still crochet too?

Jeanna said...

Lovely finishes. I like the three layers and daisy trim on Chelsea's.