Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Truck Full of Daisies

Good morning!
Yesterday I changed out the tulips for daisies on the family room mantel and decided it was time for a new chalkboard!
It was time for the tulips to go..

so whats better than a mason jar full of tulips? A truck full of daisies!
This chalkboard is from a  photo collage frame from Hobby Lobby..I wasn't liking it anymore so I was impatient and painted the mat with chalkboard paint instead of having a board cut . I definitely need to have a board cut to fit since its really hard to get all the chalk residue off the mat board!
You can't see very much of it in this photo , but I painted the coffee table a couple weeks ago. It was really dark wood and was really nicked and scratched up.. so some linen white chalk paint to the rescue with some distressing. I love the change!
Hello Spring!

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Unknown said...

Daisies are so cute and happy:). I always look forward to your chalkboard art:)
Kathleen in Az

Carol said...

That is a great idea for a late spring chalkboard, Priscilla! So cute :)

Angie Stuart said...

I love your chalkboard art! :) I am wondering what kind of chalk you use?