Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Chicken on the Chalkboard

 Happy Wednesday!
Well.. the bunny chalkboard had to go.. loved that bunny!
Love that one.. so.. I wanted to replace it with another animal.. and what better than a chicken since my kitchen is full of them!
 I seriously don't know if I will be able to erase this one! The chalkboard is a thrifty purchase with a board cut to fit ..painted with chalkboard paint. It gets changed out almost monthly with the seasons..
My daughter has real chickens at her house and below is a photo one of her chickens..  
 Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature
So there you go.. chalkboard chicken and real chicken! :) Have a great day!
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BarberryLane Designs said...

Very cute. You honestly have too much fun with that chalkboard. Grins, have a great day with all your chickens, Sandi

cheryl said...

Is there only one of you or hundreds. You are so amazing and artistic and busy. I don't think you ever sleep

RJ said...

Now that is just too cute!!! Love both of your roosters. RJ from Stitching Friends Forever 2

Kathleen George said...

Perfect chalkboard art for your kitchen:). Wow! That is a beautiful chicken!
Kathleen in Az

Susan Lankford said...

Do you actually draw all the images on your chalkboard? Wow! Your daughter's chicken looks very fluffy..or is it angry? Anyway, It is very impressive!

Rebecca Fuelling said...

Love your chicken and your daughters too. You are the reason I have a chalkboard in my house. Love your inspiring chalkboard posts.

Nanny said...

Gee Whiz Priscilla ... You're like a Superhero ! Not sure how you do all you do, BUT, certainly glad you do! You have such a gift for decorating, cookie making, and gardening! Always love seeing your posts on Instagram seeing what you've been up too!! My favorite is the Mason Jar Chalkboard for your daughter :0D SMILES ~ Marge ~

Chris Mator said...

Amazing! Now you should do a Year in Chalk Animals. Your Bunny; Spring, Chicken; Summer, Crow; Fall, Reindeer; Winter! :) How fun that would be to stitch!

Dodie said...

What kind of chalk do you use? Would love to get my husband started on drawing on our board ( he is the artist in the family)