Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A February Finish

 Good morning!
Last night I finished stitching this February Prairie Schooler and finished it up this morning!
 There is a lot of "snow" in the bottom of this piece !
 I bought the pedestal  frame at Michael's last spring ..The stitching is mounted on sticky needlework board and then attached to the red gingham with hot glue. I use magnets on the frame and small pieces of sheet metal to attach the stitching to the frame. I have all the months stitched except for September , October  November, and December.. I wasn't going to stitch September and October because I wasn't crazy about them , but I think I need to so I have them all ! :) Prairie Schooler Hoarders anonymous over here !

 In the chart there were 2 groundhogs.. I thought they looked too cartoonish so I found some cardinals on other Prairie Schooler charts and stitched those in the place of the groundhogs. I mounted it on red gingham fabric on the bias..
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Kathleen George said...

Very nice! You can put your own spin on the autumn ones, you're creative like that:).
Kathleen in Az

angelasweby said...

I love how you've finished and mounted this design. I can't believe how quickly you stitch. You start and finish before I've even taken a breath :-) I love how you have personalised it with the cardinal. I much prefer that to the groundhog. I can't tell you how much I love your posts and having a little peep into your world and your beautiful home. You are very talented. I follow you on IG too :-)
Warm wishes xxv

janicek said...

As per usual, I absolutely love your February vignette!! Your blog posts are always such a treat!

Unknown said...

Always adorable..trying to finish up my winter wonderland farm. It’s getting closer!!