Friday, January 25, 2013

This week..

This week I have gotten alot done on this blanket.. It was going so slow because I was being so picky about colors and making each 3 round granny square .. I decided to just make a bunch of 2 round squares , then choose the 3rd color as I was putting it together.. Saves alot of time ..

I finished this Prairie schooler Santa...

And mostly I have done this ! I have had the youngest Grandson since Sunday .. We have played until he is worn out ! He will be 10 months old in a few days and is a BUSY boy !  He has been a really good baby ! My daughters chiahuahua thinks she belongs in the playpen and jumps in every chance she gets.. His parents come home tomorrow and I will need a long nap :)
Could he be any cuter ?

Have a great weekend !
Thanks for your visit and your nice comments !
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Siobhán said...

Your grandson really is a cutie! Your PS Santa is adorable, and I love the blanket! Nice work.

Barbara F. said...

Your grandbaby is adorable! Love the blanket. Did you ever think of doing tutorials on You-Tube? xo

Carol said...

What a beautiful blanket, Priscilla--and I love the PS Santa.Are you trying to stitch all of them?

I'm sure you treasured each moment with that precious little grandson. So funny that the dog wants to "be a baby", too :)

Ana BC said...

Your blanket is already so beautiful. I know what you mean about combining colors! But now that you have done so many...just repeat the combinations you like the best, and scatter them around ;-)

Barb said...

What an adorable little boy! I love all the colors in your blanket and that is one of my favorite PS Santas!

Kris said...

He is adorable~! Love the blanket!!!!
xo Kris

Jann Olson said...

Priscilla, he is such a cutie! Yes, I would be worn out having a little one that long. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he planned for us to have our children when we were young. Love your stitchery and blanket. Very cheerful! Thanks for sharing with SYC.