Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer garden granny squares

My Santa stocking has gotten a little farther.. Hope to be finished by Christmas !
Blackberries we picked yesterday.. They are now residing in the freezer..
Yellow pepper plant that has a ton of peppers on it..
Tomatoes and blackberries from yesterday.. We also picked a bunch of beans..
Our back sidewalk .The flowers are looking better ! Thats my little jack russell Ronnie..
I was going through crochet withdrawal .. started another blanket..This time summer garden granny square from attic 24 ..Last year when I saw all kinds of crocheted granny square blankets , I stumbled across the Attic 24 blog and made this pattern. I made theat blanket for my sister in law for her birthday, so I need this one for myself ! I started making the last round in white , but didn't really want that look, so I ripped it out and changed to this light brown /tan ..
Here is the post about the first summer garden blanket..
Hope you all have a great weekend !!


Mlissabeth said...

Such pretty colors... in the cross stitch, the garden produce and the grannies!

Faye said...

I love all the wonderful photos in this post Priscilla~~ And, thanks for visiting my blog also..If I can ever help you with any of your finishing needs on the smaller cross stitches, you just let me knonw~~


lovestitch said...

Your blackberries look so delicious, and the flowers in your garden are so beautiful! I love those granny squares as well, love the colors you are choosing, it will come out a gorgeous blanket for sure! I'm also working on the same pattern for my first blanket, hope I can have time for it as much as I wish! :)
Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words on my blog. I'm so happy to have you there. Have a lovely Sunday!
Best wishes, LS

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

It is always so wonderful to start a new crochet project! Yours looks like it is coming along swimmingly. Your garden's bounty looks so luscious. Makes me wish I had gotten more than flowers in to the soil this year.

Wanted to let you know that I have a little award for you on my blog - the One Lovely blog award. If you don't do that sort of thing, I totally understand. Just know you were thought of ;-)

Katherines Corner said...

so many pretty things. The stocking is looking great too. Love your path lined with flowers too. xo